The Boom of Monsanto in Puerto Rico

Nooooo!! Not in my country!! 🇵🇷

Repeating Islands


The full title of the article is “The Boom of Monsanto and other Seed Corporations Blows in the South of Puerto Rico,” and it centers on the activities of Monsanto and other multinational seed corporations from Guayama to Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico. Eliván Martínez Mercado (Centro de Periodismo Investigativo) refers to the region as the transgenic epicenter of the island.

The blades of the windmills revolve over crops of genetically modified plantations of soybean and corn, plantain and farms that have been crushed by the extended use of concrete. The Caribbean Sea appears, with green areas to the left, and to the right an exit leading to an occupied territory: multinational seed corporations, such as Monsanto, control 31% of the land with the greatest potential for agriculture in the municipality of Juana Díaz. It is the transgenic epicenter of Puerto Rico.

From north to south, from east to…

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Trump’s Field Trip #2

Travels Abroad #2 … another undeniable embarrassment for the United States … what a spectacle!!!

In Saner Thought

Our Fearless Leader is on his second field trip and like the first one….so far he has done nothing embarrassing but he did stick to a common subject or subjects that he uses in every speech he makes whether domestic or international.

In Poland his speech had the usual diatribes…the last election, degrading Obama, Russian thing and self-grandiose….but if you would like the BIG lines from his speech in Poland….I can help……

About an hour after his press conference Thursday morning with Polish President Andrzej Duda, President Trump headed over to Warsaw’s Krasinski Square, where what the New York Times calls a “pro-Duda crowd” showed off their Polish and American flags and confronted reporters with cries of “fake news” (one of the themes in the earlier presser). “Poland will prevail,” Trump assured his audience, referring to his host nation’s long history of strife, occupation, and invasion. “Poland will always prevail.”…

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A Bully Goes To Auschwitz …

I cannot give him the benefit of ‘not knowing any better’ … this is an example of the some of America’s elected officials! Dummkopf … 🤡

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Freshman Representative Clay Higgins may not have known any better.

Higgins-1From early 1942 until late 1945, some 1.1 million people were exterminated, killed, at Auschwitz, one of the most infamous concentration/extermination camps of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  Perhaps Higgins, only 56 years old and a freshman member of the House of Representatives, did not realize the significance of Auschwitz.  Auschwitz was ‘liberated’ some 16 years and 8 months before Mr. Higgins was even born, so he can be forgiven for his faux pas, tight?   WRONG!  Higgins, like the rest of us, no doubt had parents who remembered WWII and the Holocaust.  Higgins went to school where he learned of the atrocities committed against Jews at places like Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, and Dachau.  Higgins either has a moral compass or he does not.  I think he does not.

Representative Higgins was shooting an advertisement inside the hallowed walls of Auschwitz.  An…

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