Quarksire’s Photos of da’ Year!


Awesome photography! ❤️


Pic’s of da’ year Award!!!

a couple few pics i did not take

I have spent hours going thru all the pics i have collected in the last year! er so This one comes frum my gurlfriends site…an da rainbow shot also….an no U can’t know who she is// lol. unless ya are one of those privy to know ! ya know……!!!….. i cannot find the higher resolution shot i had in my puter here…but when i do i shall replace this post-it’s pic with thata one…This pic simply amazes me an i think it is pert incredible …an even though i did not take this shot…got to hand it to the person that did..although i do not know whom that is..or i’d give home er her credit…


an here is second place to the pic of da year award! frum da’ Q

~~~~~ mc namara on another wave…

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‘Despacito’ — Without Justin Bieber — Dethrones ‘See You Again’ As YouTube’s Most-Watched V

DESPACITO … continues steamrolling!! Puerto Rican pride! Ni Bieber here!! ❤️🇵🇷❤️

Repeating Islands


A report by J. D. Knapp for Variety.

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s music video for “Despacito” crossed two major milestones on Friday: becoming the most-watched video on YouTube and being the first to hit 3 billion views on the streaming service.

The video’s success is no fluke. After debuting back in January, the “Despacito” remix featuring Justin Bieber has been the No. 1 song in America for the past 12 weeks — a.k.a., the entire summer. However, the video in question actually accompanies the original track, meaning Bieber isn’t getting any credit for the YouTube clicks.

“Despacito” is also the most-liked YouTube video of all time, while simultaneously taking the title of tenth least-liked. The video was directed by Carlos Perez and shot in San Juan, Puerto Rico in December 2016.

The track was also the first Spanish-language-led song to reach No. 1 on the Billboard

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A Work of Art …. “🌼 At Least in my Mind 🌼 …. Update 🌼 …. August 6, 2017 …. “!!

As some may know, back in 2015, I visited family in Delaware and a project was waiting for me.
There's an earlier post with details.

🏡 Today I visited Sandy Girl's home 🏡
It was good to see her well and in perfect shape. She's been working out, pursuing her active lifestyle and continues to perfect her tan. She keeps up with her style and beauty tips.
😎 Sandy Girl seems to be quite happy! 😎

Her favorite corner in the world!

💅 Manicures and pedicures are routine 💅

Walton-ized: Olivia’s Milestone

Buffalo Tom … Waltons continued! 🌞

Buffalo Tom Peabody's Blog 1

Well, as you know crazy Mary Ellen Walton married Curtis Willard the town Doctor and she finally had her baby! She had been pregnant for about 2 years..


I think John Curtis Willard looks just like Buffalo Tom Boy!
Buffalo Tom:
After the baby came, things started to settle down again. Me and Mama got really close…


But it wasn’t long and a change started coming over Mama… Even her best friend, Sarah, noticed…


Mama was getting so cranky and hairy that us kids were getting worried…


Mama just about blew a gasket when Ike Godsey…


Well, you know Ike…he couldn’t keep his big mouth shut… He told Mama she could sing in his barber shop quartet now that she had a mustache…


All of this gossip was taking its toll on Mama… And then one night the mustache hit the fan!


Mama got so mad… She…

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Can Democrats Win The Majority Of US Congressional Seats In 2018?

Winning a majority in 2018 is a MUST!! These two candidates are exceptional! More like them are badly needed! New blood … fresh ideas! Out with the ‘dinosaurs’!! 🦅

Gronda Morin

My answer to the question is that Democrats can’t afford not to have a wave election in 2018 against republicans.

Here is the rest of the story…

On July 29, 2017, Ed Gilgore of New York Magazine penned the following report, “Surge in House Democratic Candidates Could Fuel a 2018 Wave Election.

The slowly approaching 2018 midterm elections are the first test of the political durability of the GOP’s control of Washington, and Democrats are anxiously scanning the horizon for signs of a gathering wave.

Image result for photo of randy bryce

“Wave” elections — those that produce a large swing in votes and congressional seats for one party — tend to develop slowly. There are a few factors that tell us if the weather is right for a wave election: They most often occur during midterm elections under unpopular presidents, when previous waves have given his party an unnaturally large number of seats. While conditions are…

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Be My Baby Swiss

Buffalo Gal … you are amazing!! Thanks for today’s morning laugh!! 😂

Buffalo Tom Peabody's Blog 1

Buffalo Gal Peabody:
It’s cheesy but it has a good beat and you can dance to it!


Its our latest hit single performed by me with my group The Fabulous Buffalo Dolls…


They were formerly known as the Ronettes! We rewrote the lyrics to one of their original hits, “Be My Baby”. I thought it would be more romantic if I were singing to a wheel of cheese! So we titled the new version, “Be My Baby Swiss”! They say Phil Spector didn’t like it when he heard it in prison. The flip side of our new single is titled, “Don’t Drop The Soap Cha-Cha”. The kids really like it though, it’s already #2 on the Pop Charts!


The American Dairy Association, along with The Soap Retailers of America, were so pleased with our recording that they threw a bowling party for us! Plus all the Swiss cheese we could…

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