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Donald Trump and his Administration Leading White Terrorists in War on Americans

Drumpf has, one more time, confirmed where his loyalty lays. Nothing new there … it’s up to Congress, the elected officials, to put a stop to this! Real question: will they? … I know I’m not holding my breath! 😡


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 5.27.34 PMIs it up to Congress to Step in?

This all too clear:-  In most democratic countries,  a President or Prime Minister – a true leader- would not be playing golf at a property in a manner that serves to enhance his family’s corporate branding on the very day that the Klu Klux Klan and White Supremacists have chosen to rally in honor of his rhetoric and campaign calls, while merely tweeting his feigned concern.   Unless he had a part in it, of course. However today American history will mark this day – when America turned in on itself at the bidding of its so called President.

In fact in most such countries, such an apology for a leader would be compelled to step down in such circumstances.  Instead while he is being investigated by the FBI with a grand jury convened, he is conveniently chugging on the bottle of…

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Racists’ Rally Catalyst For Eruption Of Violence In Charlottesville, VA

Never in my lifetime did I think we’d live through this open white supremacy manifestation and open hatred … with the succinct approval of the trash in the White House!

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of gov terry mcauliffe

Today, Saturday of August 12, 2017, “we the people” were reminded of the prevalence of racists in our country, exemplified by them acting out in a Charlottesville, VA rally against the removal of Confederate era statutes, with the amour of tolerance and cover granted  them by the republican party.

Then there were the republican pundits trying to equate “Black Lives Matter” protests with the racists’ protests of today when there is no moral equivalency. The one group has been fighting against hate while the other has been promoting intolerance.

The Virginia Governor Terry McAuliff had to announce a “state of emergency” to end the violence which erupted between the racists at the rally and the counter-protesters. It was not until the early afternoon of Saturday (8/12/17), that the republican President Donald Trump tweeted a condemnation of the violence without ever referring directly to the White Nationalists/ White Supremacists/ racists.


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Idiot Of The Week – Jeffrey Lord

Very well deserved … as anyone associated with or supporting the idiot in the White House!!

Filosofa's Word

Idiot of the Week medalAlthough idiots surround us, seem to be coming out of the woodwork and multiplying exponentially, I have not done an Idiot of the Week post since … well … since my last one!  And that was Wayne Allyn Root on 31 May.  So, I think it’s about time, don’t you?  And as often happens, one dropped right into my lap!  I became aware of Jeffrey Lord some time ago and realized he was an idiot, but did nothing to honour him for his idiocy.  But today, that all changes!  So please welcome this week’s Idiot of the Week, Jeffrey Lord.

Lord-1.jpgJeffrey Lord, 66 years old, is a political strategist in Pennsylvania, who served as an associate political director in the administration of former United States President Ronald Reagan. He has worked as a political commentator, contributing material to CNN, The Weekly Standard, The American Spectator, National Review Online, and other…

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