Casey Breves and Sam Tsui …. “💞 They Tied the Knot …. and I’m Just Finding Out Now 💞 …. Congrats …. “!! 


Sam Tsui, YouTube singer comes out as gay and marries partner Casey Breves
The couple have starred in several music videos alongside each other

The Youtuber Sam Tsui has come out as gay, a day before he married his partner.

Tsui, who is best known for posting his music videos and covers of popular songs on his channel, revealed the details about his personal life for the first time in a vlog on Friday.

In a vlog, which he labelled an understated “coming out video of a sort”, Tsui announced he is in a long-term relationship with fellow YouTuber and musician Casey Breves.


I have been following these two guys on YouTube. Their music has always fascinated me. Plenty of times I have posted a new video by either one of them or the two together.

I was surfing the net on my smartphone and found a video called ‘This Promise‘ which I hadn’t seen.

Much to my surprise it was their wedding ceremony!


So touching and so heartwarming.

It’s already been one year, so happy belated anniversary!

Congrats, guys! 


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~~This Promise~~

Sam Tsui & Casey Breves

~~Published on Aug 29, 2016~~

Wedding Music Video



~~VLOG: The Proposal Story!!~~

ft. Casey Breves

~~Published on Apr 11, 2017~~

With the 1-year Anniversary coming up, decided to finally answer some of the questions you’ve been asking since I posted the announcement video about a year ago! From our first kiss to our shower-singing habits, in this video we fill you in on some of the deepest and darkest secrets from our sordid past (not really haha).

We ALL are ONE!! 


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