Keith Olbermann, #114 …. ““😱 …. Would Impeaching Drumpf Truly Lead to Civil War? …. 😱…. That’s What Roger Stone Says …. “!!


~~August 30, 2017~~ 


Drumpf Impeachment Would Lead to Civil War

I can’t comprehend how low some have gone.

Raising the specter of civil war because Congress does the job they were elected to do.

This is incitement for violence … and he’s still walking around.

Words fail me. Check the video.



Former Drumpf adviser Roger Stone believes a civil war would ensue if Congress impeaches Donald Drumpf.

Speaking to TMZ at the Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday, August 22, Stone was asked what he believes would happen if Congress moves to strip Drumpf of his power.

“The people who are calling for his impeachment are the people who didn’t vote for him. They need to get over it. They lost. Their candidate had every advantage,” he said, pointing out that the Hillary Clinton campaign spent $2 billion dollars compared to the Drumpf campaign’s $275 million.

“Sorry, he whipped her a$$. It’s over. You lost,” Stone said.

“Try to impeach him. Just try it.

You will have a spasm of violence in this country, an insurrection, like you’ve never seen.”



I feel this is important information about what is happening in the Republican Administration lead by Drumpf and what we need to be aware of.
Keith Olbermann series called “The Resistance” continues.
He has posted installment #114.
The video speaks for itself.
If this resonates with you, good.
If it doesn’t, just scroll away to the next blog.
Thank you!



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Drumpf is the president, which means Keith’s not going anywhere.

Catch every episode of his new GQ show, The Resistance, and then come join the fight.


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~~Would Impeaching Trump Truly Lead to Civil War?~~

The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

~~Published on Aug 30, 2017~~

Roger Stone may think so – but here’s why that doomsday scenario of violence is nuts.



We ALL are ONE!! 


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