Why DACA is So Personal

DREAM ACT NOW … Congress, its on you! This is but one example. Multiply that times 80,000 and their relatives!! 😳


Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.27.25 PM Melanie and daughter

We are an immigrant family: My daughter was adopted from Vietnam when she was an infant and we went through an enormous amount of uncertainty before securing her entry into the United States and her citizenship. I was also undocumented for a period of time and thankfully now for 20 plus years, a naturalized United States citizen.   Thereafter my ex, (also foreign born) and I were subjected to indescribable agony when The Defense of Marriage Act precluded us from equality under the immigration law, and we came within hours of our own “Sophie’s choice.”  I work with asylum seekers, each and every day.  I understand the fear and the abject trauma when one puts all of ones love, hope and life into a country.   The Dreamers did more than that – they had no choice….

This is personal to me – not only because we…

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