Puerto Rico escapes direct hit, but remains vulnerable to climate change’s impacts

Seems help is needed everywhere!! 😳

Repeating Islands

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A report by Mark Hand for Think Progress.

The arrival of Hurricane Irma couldn’t have come at a worse time for Puerto Rico. The island filed for bankruptcy in the spring after years of growing economic problems and a failure to recover from the 2008 recession.

As an island, Puerto Rico is already experiencing the growing dangers of climate change. But investing in long-term measures to address climate change became a low priority as Puerto Rico tried ways to reduce its debt. On the outskirts of Puerto Rico’s capital city of San Juan, for example, sections of communities have fallen into the water due to rising sea levels.

With sea levels rising and beach erosion worsening, residents in flood-prone areas have resorted to short-term measures like putting furniture on milk crates or moving belongings to the second floor. Similar to Houston’s inability to handle Hurricane Harvey’s massive rainfall, Puerto Rico…

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