Hurricane Maria destroys San Juan neighborhood made famous by ‘Despacito’

Puerto Rico is hurting bad!! It needs all the help it can get … my heart and soul ache for my country! 🇵🇷

Repeating Islands


A report by Michael Rothman for ABC News.

When “Despacito” became the most streamed song of all time, raking in more than 3.8 billion views on YouTube alone, it not only brought fame to its creator, Luis Fonsi, but to the San Juan neighborhood of La Perla where much of the music video was shot.

The clip opens on the beaches of La Perla, then pans out to show the multi-colored buildings, graffiti, and culture that the Puerto Rican neighborhood is known for.

But Hurricane Maria ravaged La Perla much like it did the rest of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean earlier this week. In fact, Puerto Rico’s office of emergency management confirmed to ABC News that 100 percent of the island lost power in the hurricane, which was a Category 4 storm with winds of 155 miles per hour when it made landfall Wednesday morning.

“The information we…

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For Puerto Ricans Off the Island, a Struggle to Make Contact After Maria

“We are here but we belong there.” … rightly stated!
My heart and soul aches for my country! 🇵🇷

Repeating Islands


A report by Richard Fausset for the New York Times.

For the more than five million Puerto Ricans living on the United States mainland, it was bad enough to watch news reports on Wednesday of Hurricane Maria ripping through an island where relatives and friends lived. What made it worse was not knowing how their loved ones had fared.

With the entire power grid knocked out and with more than 95 percent of wireless cell sites out of service, communication was all but impossible on Thursday, and an already emotional day became even harder for the Puerto Rican diaspora.

“We’re all anxious, we’re all desperately seeking information and we’re all on call to help Puerto Rico and give it whatever it needs,” said David Galarza Santa, 48, a Brooklyn resident who said he had been unable to reach his family in the municipality of Florida, west of San Juan…

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‘Both of these ‘men’ need to be removed from office, for neither are sufficiently mature, even-tempered, knowledgeable or compassionate to hold the lives of so many in their hands. Globalization is the way of today’s world, and that will not change … neither Donald Trump nor Kim Jong-un can change the reality of the 21st century. The only solution is to learn to live together in relative peace. ‘

Filosofa's Word

Enough already!  Can we just step back and try to act like adults here … just for a few days?  I refer, of course, to the continuing game of ‘nyah-nyah-nyah’ being played by two so-called ‘men’ who are in the position of leading nations consisting of millions of people, Kim Jong-un of North Korea and Donald Trump of the United States.

I find that I truly want to take both of these juveniles and bonk their heads together, put them into a ‘time-out’ room with no twitting devices, and send them to bed without their supper!

Both of these ‘men’ need to be removed from office, for neither are sufficiently mature, even-tempered, knowledgeable or compassionate to hold the lives of so many in their hands.  But, the odds of that happening being slim-to-none, these two must somehow be taken in hand and convinced to act as adults, for together they…

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