Who Is Carmen Yulín Cruz, the Puerto Rican Mayor Feuding With Trump?

This is a real BORICUA woman … strong, determined, well educated and versed!! Not deterred by bullies … in any size!!

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A report by Richard Fausset and Frances Robles for the New York Times.

When Carmen Yulín Cruz was a long-shot candidate for mayor here in 2012, she cast herself as a “pitirre,” a small bird known for fearlessly attacking larger ones.

Now in her second term as mayor of San Juan, the capital of this storm-ravaged island, Ms. Cruz, 54, finds herself in a high-profile altercation, having publicly criticized the Trump administration for its response to the damage wrought by Hurricane Maria and getting plenty of reproach from Mr. Trump on Saturday in return.

In Puerto Rico, her outspokenness has come as little surprise. Before the hurricane Ms. Cruz was known for a left-leaning populist streak and a tendency to speak in blunt and emotional terms.

“We are dying here,” she said in a news conference Friday, her eyes filling with tears, as she issued a verbal distress…

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Trump called San Juan’s mayor a weak leader. Here’s what her leadership looks like.

‘DRUMPF CALLED SAN JUAN’S MAYOR A WEAK LEADER’ … who cares what he thinks or says?
This is strong Boricua woman … a threat to his ‘manhood’, therefor he attacks!
YOU could learn a lot from this Boricua …

Repeating Islands


A report by Arelis R. Hernández, Samantha Schmidt, Avi Selk and William Wan.

When Hurricane Maria destroyed the infrastructure of Puerto Rico, it turned the mayor of its capital city into a spokeswoman for a stranded people.

Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto told the world of the “horror” she was seeing as she waded through San Juan’s flooded streets. And the desperation on the island, parts of which may remain without power for months.

Until then, Cruz had not been a well-known politician outside the island.
But after she criticized Washington’s response to the hurricane this week — “save us from dying,” she pleaded on cable network — President Trump took direct aim at her on Twitter.

“Such poor leadership ability by the Mayor of San Juan,” he wrote Saturday. Democrats must have told her to say nasty things about him, he claimed.

Since the president brought it up, we…

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A Happy Birthday Tribute for Julie Andrews

… and a happy birthday to you, Miss Wonderfully Amazing Woman!
‘Julie Andrews was born Eighty-two (82) years ago today . October 01 1935.’

the secret keeper

Julie Andrews was born Eighty-two (82) years ago today . October 01 1935

I want to wish Julie the Happiest of Birthdays with this short pictorial of memories I have felt in my life due to who she has been through the years so far.

Julie Andrews . No longer Maria . She is a transformation of all she experienced during her life time as far as it has come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE . I hope you have many more decades to go to continue learning and enjoying the depth of your life.

Camelot with Richard Birton as King Arthur opposite Julie as his Queen Guenevere. Between Camelot . My Fair Lady . and Boyfriend . I listened thousands of hours and many new albums . needed to be replaced. I was in love. She is spectacular. I love many actors for their talent and personalities but Julie Andrews has…

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Says Trump Is ‘Going Straight to Hell’

… and HELL is the perfect place for you, Drumpf!!

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A report by Johanna Barr for the New York Times.

President Trump’s criticism of the mayor of San Juan, P.R., drew sharp rebukes across social media on Saturday, including from Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and original star of “Hamilton.”

Mr. Miranda, who has family in Puerto Rico and is raising money for Hurricane Maria relief efforts, said the president was “going straight to hell.”

Mr. Trump lashed out at Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of the Puerto Rican capital, in a series of tweets on Saturday morning, one day after she appeared on television and described in stark terms the dire conditions on the island. The president accused Ms. Cruz of “poor leadership” and…

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