Post-storm Puerto Rico …. “🇵🇷 Still in Emergency/Survival Mode ….. 48 Days In 🇵🇷 …. “!!


~~November 7, 2017~~ 



This past Sunday, November 5, CBS Television had a special segment detailing information about many Puerto Ricans, American citizens, having endured the longest blackout in American history following a direct hit from Hurricane María. I’ve been looking for this special on YouTube to share it with you.

The situation in Puerto Rico is still dire. 

It seems that the segment presented in the regular show isn’t available yet. I will keep looking and share it when I find it.

During my search, I found this 60 Minutes Overtime presented on November 5 by Brit McCandless Farmer.

Take a look, please!



Forty-eight days today, after Hurricane María hit the island, ‘60 Minutes‘ found its citizens trying to make do without water or power – and frequently losing hope

Every day and night in San Juan, there are blackouts. But having electricity at all is a privilege, since most of the island is still without power.

“At night, it really quiets down because it’s dark,” says 60 Minutes associate producer Jack Weingart.

“The street lights are out, and most homes and businesses are also dark. So at night, you just hear this constant humming of the generators.”

Weingart, along with producers Graham Messick and Michael Karzis and associate producer Vanessa Fica, recently traveled to Puerto Rico with correspondent Steve Kroft to report this week for 60 Minutes.

As they traveled throughout the island, the dire status on the ground surprised them most.

“It’s really still in an emergency mode,” Karzis says.

“They haven’t graduated into a relief mode or recovery.”


Vanessa Fica and Jack Weingart


But what does this exodus mean to an already crippled island?  

“It means a territory, which is already fiscally circling the drain, having the tax base erode even further,” Karzis says.

“It does not help that you’re losing otherwise qualified professionals or a labor force that is dwindling. And what you’re left with are folks that are older, and are collecting pensions at this point or young kids.”

Almost seven weeks after the storm, producer Graham Messick says, it feels like some Puerto Ricans have given up.

“They’d lost hope,” he says. “And it’s like a state of suspended animation. People were just waiting for the power to come on. There’s just nothing to do. It’s boring. It’s hot. It’s uncomfortable.”

“And there are no answers. “

The video was produced by Will Croxton. It was edited by Will Croxton and Sarah Shafer Prediger.

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CBS Television

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~~Post-storm Puerto Rico~~

“still in emergency mode”

~~Published on Nov 5, 2017~~

Forty-eight days after Hurricane Maria hit the island, 60 Minutes found its citizens trying to make do without water or power – and frequently losing hope.


We ALL are ONE!! 


7 thoughts on “Post-storm Puerto Rico …. “🇵🇷 Still in Emergency/Survival Mode ….. 48 Days In 🇵🇷 …. “!!

    • My thoughts exactly!! From the start … The mighty, imperial U.S.of A. wrote the scrip. They want to but prime real estate cheap. Maria accelerated the process. The financial debt was a means of keeping PR subjugated and Maria has made it easier. 100,000+ have left. They are the young, productive, mainly educated. The income, tax generating people.
      The elderly, the poor and the criminals will stay behind … in addition to the few Young that may believe in self-governance and rebuild the Island as a sovereign country … the hope I hold dear in my heart. If I was younger I’d be back there in a flash .. even now! 🇵🇷

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