P!nk Delivers ‘Beautiful Trauma’ 💕 …. “High Wire Outside a Skyscraper 💕 …. “!!


~~November 22, 2017~~ 



By Andrew Unterberger

Let it never be said that P!nk doesn’t continue to challenge herself

As impressive as previous award-show aerial displays of hers may have been, it’s hard to compare them to what she did Sunday night, November 19, at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

P!nk brought her usual anti-gravity ballet to the award show, but this time it came from the JW Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles – many, many stories above the ground, all while performing her latest single, “Beautiful Trauma.”

Along with several dancers, the singer performed hanging by high wire while walking along the side of the the skyscraper, giving off a perspective making it look like they were gravity bound to it, while in reality they were suspended in midair hundreds of feet above the ground.




P!NK Collaborates With BANDALOOP
BANDALOOP friends who tuned in to the American Music Awards last night in the US spotted the global pioneers of vertical dance. Members of the dance company made a surprise appearance on the side of a downtown Los Angeles skyscraper with an iconic singer:

Grammy Award-winner P!NK. 

Teams quietly convened from around the US at a guarded location in Los Angeles to bring a daring idea to fruition: coach a brand new Bandalooper to dance on the side of a building with the company for a performance being broadcast to millions in less than a week.

The result: fearless grace and beauty. P!NK and BANDALOOP dazzled with perspective changing dance, opening the hearts and minds of the audience – while P!NK sang her newest single “Beautiful Trauma” from the sky in a duet with BANDALOOP Associate Artistic Director Melecio Estrella.





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~~Beautiful Trauma~~

2017 American Music Awards

~~Published on Nov 22, 2017~~

P!NK’s new album ‘Beautiful Trauma’ featuring the singles “What About Us” and “Beautiful Trauma” is available now!

Fearless grace and beauty.

P!NK and BANDALOOP dazzled with perspective changing dance, opening the hearts and minds of the audience.


We ALL are ONE!!


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