‘O Holy Night’ …. “✨ Brooke Simpson Sings …. My Favorite Christmas Song ✨ …. “!!


~~December 24, 2017~~ 


This has always been a soothing song for me.

It takes center stage during these holidays because the effects of Hurricane María in Puerto Rico have been devastating. Still, I’m sure, the Boricua spirit will be celebrating this very important season in our culture.

The song is unique.

It’s always touched my heart very deeply; very much so during this season.



Brooke Simpson‘s version of “O Holy Night” raised the bar for the other contestants in “The Voice”.

Accompanied by a choir providing musical bedrock to her dexterous, soulful wailing, she gave new strength to the Christmas carol, and her heart-rending deliver .





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~~Published December 18, 2017~~

The Voice 2017 Brooke Simpson

4 thoughts on “‘O Holy Night’ …. “✨ Brooke Simpson Sings …. My Favorite Christmas Song ✨ …. “!!

  1. Horty, You know your LOVE is your strength to face this world. It’s all we really have. That you care for all the causes that are part & extensions of your BIG HEART is what is important. You are not giving up on anything & never would. So breath easier. You do what you can to help make this world a better place. Turbulent times have had their toll on people throughout history. We must survive. Today I hear of 200 dead in the Philippines from storms & another devastating fire somewhere…can’t find it online. It just continues. And the politics, I promise you Trump will be gone…It’s just how & when!!! Phil

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