Happy New Year …. “🎉🎊 It’s 2018 …. Let’s Make it Count 🎉🎊 …. “!!


~Life’s a Dance is a page about inspiration and gratitude~

“It sums up my philosophy on life, not because life is always a party; life can be tough. I view life as a dance of give and take; it’s about facing the inevitable sorrows and challenges, getting through fear and grief, and finding gratitude and joy in everyday life. I have gone through some tough times, as many have experienced by the time they reach middle age.

But I deeply believe that we can “weave our own silver linings with the threads of our intellect, imagination, and determination.”

(from Lifesadance.org)

Margaret B. Moss


Images and intellectual property belongs to “Life’s A Dance” and Margaret Moss.

I think this is too good to not share.

Thank you, Margaret, for the awesome, inspiring work you do!

I feel honored to be able to share it.





Resolutions. Day 1.

New Year … this is one great idea!! 2018 is here …

Live & Learn

Today I want
to resolve nothing.

I only want to walk
a little longer in the cold…

Kim Addonizio, from “New Year’s Day” in Tell Me


  • Inspired by Lucille Clifton, “I am running into a new year” (via Read a Little Poetry): i am running into a new year / and the old years blow back / like a wind / that i catch in my hair / like strong fingers like / all my old promises and / it will be hard to let go / of what i said to myself / about myself…
  • Poem Source – Memory’s Landscape.
  • Photo: Frozen Lake Tremblant in the Laurentides region of Quebec. Photo by Timothy A. Clary, Agence France, wsj.com December 24, 2017)

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