DESPACITO …. “🎼 Erika Ender …. Single Hit Phenomenon 🎼 …. Co-Writer of the Biggest Hit of the Year …. “!!


~~January 6, 2018~~ 


~Co-Writer of the Biggest Hit of the Year~

She’s the force behind force and the power behind the single hit phenomenon


Credit where credit is due.

Let her voice carry you to the place where the sensual, slow version can take you!



When Erika Ender was a little girl growing up in Panama, she’d buy albums and inscribe them with imaginary ­dedications from the artists.

Ender, thanks to her work on this year’s Song of the Summer, “Despacito,” no longer needs to pretend that stars adore her work. Along with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, the 42-year-old is co-writer of the biggest hit of the year, featuring Justin Bieber, which spent 16 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100.

Ender is a singer in her own right, a philanthropist who created a foundation in 2009 to help children, and one of very few successful Latin women in the songwriting field.

Now, since the release of “Despacito” in February, she is in demand from ­producers around the world. They’re eager for the sound of cultural fusion that Ender brings to her work, and which is rooted in her upbringing.

Born in Panama to a Brazilian mother and a US-born father of German ancestry, Ender speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish, and moves easily between cultures.


Before “Despacito,” she had written hits for Chayanne, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Gloria Trevi, Ednita Nazario and Los Tigres del Norte. She also is a TV personality in Latin America, where she has been a judge for a Latin version of American Idol.

“I see myself as a communicator of music,” she says.

“I’m three Erikas: the artist, the composer and the TV personality.

I have a long career in all three.

I’m like my hair,” she jokes. “I take up a lot of space.”

This year, which marks her 25th anniversary as a performer, Ender has a lot to celebrate. In May, she released her latest album, Tatuajes (Tattoos), and this month she’ll become the youngest inductee into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, which will hold its gala Oct. 19 at the James L. Knight Center in Miami.




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Erika Ender

~~Published on Sep 5, 2017~~

Co-autora de Despacito, a cantora e compositora panamenha Erika Ender esteve no estúdio da ONErpm para gravar uma versão bilíngue da canção. A artista foi acompanhada pela Amanticidas, banda que têm acompanhado Tom Zé em suas mais recentes gravações.


We ALL are ONE!! 


Stalwart Governmental Institutions are Wavering Under Heavy Fire By Republicans

I’m concerned … they had been ‘standing up’ to him!
‘Make no mistake, our democratic institutions are under attack from within …. On January 5, 2017, Philip Bump of the Washington Post penned the following report, “We’re seeing institutions start to waver as constraints to Trump’s impulses.”

Gronda Morin

“We the people” DO NOT WANT the US judicial system to be used as a partisan tool, an arm of the executive branch to attack and investigate ad nauseam political foes and / or to distract  from current legitimate probes that could possibly expose corruption within the executive branch. There is a reason that there has been a concerted effort for decades, to keep the US Department of Justice separate from a power grab by those operating in the executive/ political part of the US government. But the republican President Donald Trump and his sycophants operating in the White House, the US Congress and many right wing media pundits do not want this separation and are hard at work to destroy the independence of our judicial system.

Make no mistake, our democratic institutions are under attack from within. Here is the rest of the story….

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‘The Broken Century’ …. ” Jamie Dunmore: 😱 Highlight the Corruption of Modern Civilization 😱 …. “!!


~~January 6, 2018~~ 


Take a moment. Look and listen to this video. Jamie explains it all.

Members of the human race have to do something.

Your thoughts?



“I created this video to highlight the corruption of modern civiliZation. In this society, there are many far reaching ethical implications that come from our actions.

Written, edited and presented by me.

Filmed by Daniel Coughtrey.”

Jamie Dunmore©


~~The Broken Century~~

~~Published on Jan 5, 2018~~

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We ALL are ONE!!