Government Shutdown …. ” πŸ™„ The Blame Game …. from the White House Main Phone Line πŸ™„ …. “!!


~~January 22, 2018~~Β 


What happens when you call the White House?

You get a voicemail blaming the Democrats for the government shutdown.

White House Voicemail Blames Democrats for Government Shutdown

If you call the White House’s main number, (202) 456-1111, this is the message that you will hear.

Never in my lifetime, in my humble opinion, had ‘so-called adults’, expressed themselves with wanton answers and diminished the position they held.

The video says it all.Β 

You judge for yourself!




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We ALL are ONE!!Β 


2 thoughts on “Government Shutdown …. ” πŸ™„ The Blame Game …. from the White House Main Phone Line πŸ™„ …. “!!

  1. that answering machine message annoys the tar outta me! How dare they? Well, since they have seemingly never told the truth yet, I suppose they will just continue to lie!

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