Meet Emma González …. “🔥🔥 Parkland Shooting Survivor …. Young, Strong Voice 🔥🔥 …. “!!

~~February 18, 2018~~ 

A voice for the young people.

They will make the change.

It’s their future!




Emma Gonzalez’s instantly historic speech got the nation to stop and listen about gun reform.

Now she’s taking her message to Washington D.C. in the hope of making Parkland America’s last mass shooting.


NowThis Facebook Video



Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez’s message to Congress.


4 thoughts on “Meet Emma González …. “🔥🔥 Parkland Shooting Survivor …. Young, Strong Voice 🔥🔥 …. “!!

  1. You wanted my thoughts, you know that can be dangerous so a warning, it might be elaborate 😛
    Words can’t express the feeling of sadness I got when I heard about this shooting. I can only extend my deepest condolences to all that were affected. I can’t believe the stupidity of the Republican reactions once again. Thoughts and Prayers but don’t you dare take my guns.

    Even me, A Dutchman, knows Gun control doesn’t mean taking away guns from law-abiding, mentally stable people. It means making sure people that shouldn’t have guns can’t get them.To make sure certain weapons (Like the AR-15) might be owned but NOT transported in a way that they are ” ready for use”. You want your AR-15 for hunting… fine. You transport your weapon in a locked box, ammunition separately, and can take it out in areas where hunting is permitted or at the gun range, there is absolutely no reason to allow these weapons for ” open” or ” concealed carry”
    Yes… but criminals won’t follow rules they say. Now the criminals have guns and we don’t. The open season will be there.

    Well….. that is the situation in my country. You know what criminals with guns use these guns most for? Shooting other criminals with guns. Win-Win I would think right. Of course, there are robberies and such but these are statistically seen much lower than in the US. Same goes for the number of prisoners, the number of murders, heists, shootings, basically everything criminal. A society with strict gun laws doesn’t automatically become a dangerous one.

    As for Emma, what a courageous girl. She will get the wrath of the toddler and of the entire right-wing movement. All the dirt, if any (and if none they will make shit up) will be nationwide on Fox and Breitbart, Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc. I hope she can handle it and people are watching over her.

    There is hope in this. She, and with her, her entire generation will be the voters of the future. Some of them this year, most of them with next Presidential election cycle. They are also the potential politicians of the future which is even better.

    I refuse to talk about the Ochre Ogre, you know exactly how I feel about that piece of excrement.

    I guess that basically sums it up. All my warmth and love to you and yours ❤ ❤ ❤


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