P!nk …. “💕 ‘Whatever You Want’ …. Official Video 💕 …. New Album: Beautiful Trauma …. “!!

~~March 2, 2018~~ 



Another Friday discovery!

Amazing insight into P!nk’s new video for ‘Whatever You Want’ is here.

And she delivers!! 

Need to take my mind off the usual routine and sad reality we are living.

It’s Friday … a typical day for celebration and fun.

I love this woman!

Enjoy her new video.



P!nk has long been an open book. The high-flying pop star has never shied away from exposing who she really is to her fans and in the new Apple Music-exclusive video for her single “Whatever You Want” she takes fans all the way backstage, and into the backyard, for an intimate look at her personal life.

The clip opens with P!nk in the recording session for the song and then segues into a montage of the singer being playful backstage during tour rehearsals, some cute moments with her kids and a few stolen kisses with husband Carey Hart.

The clip is, really, an homage to their love story, featuring archival footage of his motorcross triumphs and her instantly legendary 2017 MTV VMAs speech honoring their daughter Willow.

And yes, because she’s P!nk she also includes that bit before she sang the National Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl where she spit out her cough drop, plus tons of aerial footage.





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~~Whatever You Want~~

(Official Video)

~~Published on Mar 1, 2018~~

P!NK’s new album ‘Beautiful Trauma’ featuring the singles “What About Us”, “Whatever You Want” and “Beautiful Trauma”!






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