So Pretty in P!nk …. “πŸ’• and Simply Beyond Amazing πŸ’• … “!!


~~April 11, 2018~~Β 

Top 10 Insane P!nk Performances


I became a P!nk fan through some friends.

I had heard about her before but didn’t really pay that much attention.

I saw her perform once in Orlando.

That’s was a total game-changer.

I’m a P!nk Junkie now.Β 

There’s plenty reason to be!

This video says it all.

I think I will be looking up the full original videos.




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~~Top 10 Unbelievable P!nk Performances~~

~~Published on Mar 22, 2018~~

Top 10 Insane Pink Performances

Pink is such an amazing performer!

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most insane, incredible Pink performances ever! We’ve included performances at the Billboard Music Awards, Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, iHeartRadio Music Festival and the American Music Awards!




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