Above the Law?

‘Drumpf Tweet Asserts an ‘Absolute Right’ to Pardon Himself’ … I sure as hell hope that the beloved institutions of the ‘beloved US of A’ can withstand the persistent attacks coming from the ‘Fool on the Hill’ and his spineless minions!!

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The headline in the New York Times reads:

Trump Tweet Asserts an ‘Absolute Right’ to Pardon Himself

“Trump declared Monday that the appointment of the special counsel in the Russia investigation is “totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL!” and asserted that he has the power to pardon himself, raising the prospect that he might take extraordinary action to immunize himself from the ongoing probe.”

The first thing that comes to mind, of course, is that his very statement is an admission of guilt.  If he were not guilty, if he had nothing to hide, then why not sit down and shut up? Why even stir the already-muddy waters with such a foolish, bombastic statement?

Two things last week set the tone for this morning’s tweet and gave every indication that, no matter what evidence Robert Mueller’s investigation turns up that Donald Trump broke the law, that he knowingly and willingly colluded with the Russians…

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IOTD …. “🇵🇷 Image of the Day, Very Special, Sad Edition 🇵🇷 …. Death Toll …. Shoes at the Capitol …. “!!


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Found another one … sharing again!! Amazing … thank you Alexandria’s Geek Corner and Groovy Goddess!!


“Hello and Happy Purrride month! I support your basic human right to life, liberty and the pursuit of your happiness! Aka Love is love and love whom you will! Screw those small-minded fidiots! They’re just jealous cause they can’t get one gender or person to love them. Some of us are too fabulous to keep ourselves to one gender! Wink Wink kittens! Isis, what are you doing? OH, ok. She’s raising her little paw in a sign of respect! She’s so cute and adorable. You know she takes after me. HA!” 

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Breaking News: Supreme Court Sides With Baker Who Refused To Bake A Cake For Same Sex Couple

This is disheartening … in my very humble opinion, he can keep his cakes and his religious freedom and live happily ever after!
The one thing he doesn’t realize is the ‘wealth’ of the LGBT community!! Oh well … your loss!!
Now you won’t have to answer to your mom if you create a product that violates your strong, kind, discriminatory religious beliefs!!

Gronda Morin

Image result for wedding cake baker supreme court same sex case JACK PHILLIPS/ COLORADO BAKER

The US Supreme Court has ruled (7-2) in favor of the baker who had refused to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple getting married on the basis that same-sex marriages were counter to his religious beliefs. His attorneys argued along the lines that his freedom to express his art in the creation of his cakes, was impinged to where his right to free speech was being compromised.  In addition, the baker claimed that he experienced an anti-Christian animus by a regulator who declined to apply the anti discrimination statute.

The two dissenting opinions were from the Justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Samuel A. Alito.

Image result for wedding cake baker supreme court same sex case

According to a CNN News flash on this day of the 4th of June, 2018, the supreme court ruling seems to be so narrowly construed that it is inevitable that there will be another similar case to be reviewed…

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