‘This bullsh*t is getting tiring … the fact that there are morons (I apologize to verified morons) who cannot differentiate between reality and crap smeared across social media. But then where would Dear Leader be without the mental midgets that worship the ground he walks on?’

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Closing Thought–02Aug18

What the f*ck is this all about?

A few nights ago I watched a Florida rally that was given by Our Dear Leader…..and as usual he gave a litany of his usual points (I would call them high points but they were scraping the bottom of the barrel) and as usual he had something derogatory to say about the news media in attendance…..and the usual response by those in attendance was to yell obscenities and gestures toward those in the press area.

In the low IQ audience I saw several Tees and signs with QAnon….and thought I had missed something…..and apparently I have……

“Q WWG1WGA Trump 2020 Keep America Great! MSM is the enemy,” read the sign spotted by the AP at President Trump’s rally in Tampa on Tuesday night. There are plenty of letters on it, but one stands out: Q. NPR reports that other signs and…

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#TBT …. “❤️ Throwback Thursday …. My Family Unit …. You are Missed ❤️ …. “!!


~~August 2, 2018~~


This is my Dad (pepo) , sitting, and my Brother (Pepito), standing.

My Mother had already passed on.

I don’t know the exact date of this picture.

It’s a fond memory … kinda sad but quite memorable.




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Who ARE These People???

Disgusting, despicable, DEPLORABLE!! … think very hard about thi!
‘There isn’t a damn thing to be proud of here. This feeding frenzy is going to lead to violence against journalists, and the blame for it falls squarely on the shoulders of the ‘man’ who should be setting a positive example for this nation, the man who is supposed to be bringing people together, not stirring them to harm their fellow countrymen.
What happens if we don’t take back Congress in November? My answer was that we have three choices: We either accept living under a dictatorship, we start a revolution and overthrow the evil regime, or we move to Canada. ‘

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Trump supporters are such a class act; don’t you think?  Just look …trump-supporters-rally.jpgtrump-supporters-rally-2.jpgTrump supporters-rally-3Aren’t they a lovely bunch?  Such class.  The above pictures were taken at a rally in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday night.  CNN Reporter Jim Acosta was trying to report, but couldn’t be heard over the jeers and chants of the crowd screaming “CNN Sucks”.  Such professional, dignified people, don’t you think?

The Trump klan (spelling intentional) was so proud of these followers that Eric Trump tweeted this video with the description, “WATCH: Supporters of President Trump Chant ‘CNN Sucks’ During Jim Acosta’s Live Spot at Florida Rally.”

And then Papa Trump re-tweeted it.  Boy, they sure are proud of their followers, aren’t they?

But you know what, folks?  There isn’t a damn thing to be proud of here.  This feeding frenzy is going to lead to violence against journalists, and the blame for it falls squarely…

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