WORLD OF DANCE 2018 ….. “🎼🎼 Jaxon Willard’s Amazing Performance in ‘The Cut’ …. ‘Higher’ …. 🎼🎼”!!


~~August 31, 2018~~



The 2018 season is at ‘the cut’ portion.

This  young, talented kid is out of this world.

He proves once again that, as J-Lo said, ‘god has given him wings to fly’.

Enjoy the video.



Jaxon Willard, a 16-year-old from American Fork, passed the first Qualifiers round of NBC’s “World of Dance” Season 2 with flying colors, completed the Duels and aced the Cut round of the competition.

“I’ve always been teased and bullied about my skin color, and so I would always suppress all my feelings and keep them inside until I discovered dancing, and so this song to me is kind of saying that it’s OK to be vulnerable and it’s OK to be sad,” Willard told the judges.

The American Fork native explained to the judges that his inspiration for the dance he performed was his experience as an African American growing up in a predominantly white community.

Willard’s self-choreographed dance to Kygo and Labrinth’s “Fragile” for the qualifiers,  “Surprise Yourself” by Jack Garratt for the duels and  “Higher” by The Score.



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Jaxon Willard Dance


~~Jaxon Willard Elevates the Stage to “Higher” by The Score~~

World of Dance 2018

~Published on Aug 29, 2018~

The junior contemporary dancer gives his all to “Higher” by The Score. 

Full Performance

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