September 20, 2017 …. β€œπŸ‡΅πŸ‡· Etched in the Hearts of ALL Puerto Ricans Everywhere πŸ‡΅πŸ‡· …. β€œ!!


Thinking of the day Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico

The images are vivid.

Today, marks a year that Puerto Rico went under dark — no electricity, food or communication. Puerto Rico became a graveyard and a political nightmare. Over 3,000 Americans died.

I remember this day clearly, fear entered in my heart not knowing the wellbeing of my family and friends.

A year after, the people of Puerto Rico are trying to make sense how come the federal government continues to neglect them and ignore their cry for help – kids and the sick are going without food and proper care. The trauma and financial hardship is real.

This is genocide.

Drumpf and his administration do not care.

This is what happens when an Island is colonized for years and exploited for its natural resources.

The People of Puerto Rico are strong and resilient.

We rise.

LAB Pro Lib

Julio C.


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LAB Pro Lib

Progress Puerto Rico

ImagesMeimg_7906boricua en la lunao

La BorinqueΓ±a created by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

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12 thoughts on “September 20, 2017 …. β€œπŸ‡΅πŸ‡· Etched in the Hearts of ALL Puerto Ricans Everywhere πŸ‡΅πŸ‡· …. β€œ!!

  1. My local newspaper has a “SOUNDOFF” column. People can call anonymously and share an opinion. Today one lashed out at PR and the people who think they deserve equal treatment to Americans and assistance from the government and so many of them have ‘migrated’ to the mainland. Stupidity runs rampant in my community. Fortunately, the editor inserted a comment correcting the caller. This is my partner’s home and that is the only reason I stay here. Would love to live in a metropolitan area where people are more enlightened.

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  2. Horty, The up side to the terrible suffering in North Carolina to storm Florence is the revisitation of Puerto Rico’s tragedy one year ago & the failure of the rescue/rebuilding efforts by the USA & Trump. Great promotional post by Patty on her website on all things English with Dragan Duma!!! Two weeks ago the For Sale sign went up on our house after three years of fix & repair to our 1885 Dutch Colonial, after 43 years here. And, we have gone to see 8 condos & townhouses in our area to purchase. Thus, “busy,” to put it mildly. But i finally did a review of Jeffrey Debris’ Book II after so long after reading it. I feel good about that! Jeffrey is a great guy & fantastic sci-fi author!!! Happy Friday! “Go Dr. Ford’!!!!!!!!!!!! Kavanaugh has to go! Phil

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    • Hi there, sweet friend … seems you are indeed quite busy!! Hoping, wishing the best for you and yours!!
      Yes, to all your points. Ironic that Florence hit on the one year anniversary of Maria. Still hurting … higs, always tight hugs!! ❀ ….

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      • Horty, I think Kavanaugh is “dead in the water.” …Only 5% of women support him! Republicans face the mid-term elections soon & must answer for their actions on Kavanaugh. “President Access Hollywood” has zero credibility especially on this issue. Even if Kavanaugh survived the Judiciary Committee vote, this thing will snowball into possible defeat in the Senate confirmation vote!!! Phil

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