Happy Caturday …. “🐱 ‘It’s National Black Cat Day’ 🐱 …. “!!


~~October 27,  2018~~

October 27th

~~National Black Cat Day~~

This one on th picture above is Cole, from Cole and Marmalade.

Cole & Marmalade



Celebrated on October 27th, just four days before Halloween, National Black Cat Day is a holiday which celebrates an animal which has sort of an image problem.

The rich folklore surrounding the black cat is varied, depending on different cultures.

In Scotland, black cats are linked to prosperity, especially when strange black felines visit one’s house. In most parts of the UK and Japan, these kitties are also considered to bring good luck.

However, in many countries, black cats are often perceived as something unlucky or even evil.

A popular superstition claims that if a black kitty crosses your path, it will trigger some sort of misfortune.

On the other hand, many people believe black cats are mystical creatures with supernatural powers. Sailors, fishermen, and ancient Egyptians used to worship these feline furballs.




Personally, I think they’re DELIGHTFUL.

I have one of my own!!




You may have met her before. Her name is Kitty.

I love her dearly!!


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