IOTD …. “🇵🇷 Images of the Day, Very Special Edition …. ‘SUERTE’ …. ‘Good Luck’ 🇵🇷 …. “!!

~~February 1, 2019~~ 

I went to Puerto Rico recently andvisited my favorite part of the island, Boquerón, Cabo Rojo. 

Met with friends and had lunch at ‘Los Remos’. 

I took the picture included below.

A dear artist friend from high school saw the picture and asked me if she could use it to paint her own creation.

Here’s her final product! 




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Sabbat-Imbolc …. “🌿 Festival of Lights …. Festival of Spring 🌿 …. “!!

~~February 1, 2019~~ 

Imbolc – St Brigid’s Day – The Pagan Festival of Lights


Celebrated on the 1st of February, the pagan feast of Imbolc is the festival of Spring, the coming of fertility back to the land. Another name for this day is Candlemas, the Christianised name for the holiday.

Imbolc means “in the belly” of Mother Earth. It is a time to remember that deep in the earth lie the dormant seeds of new life and creativity which will soon be making their way upwards and outwards.

A time to celebrate renewal and rebirth, out of the darkness, comes the light. Candlemas has as part of its tradition, candle making and candle burning, bringing in more light.


Saint Brigid is also known as the Goddess of fire – a group of nineteen priestesses kept a perpetual flame burning in her honor. She was the patroness of smithcraft, poetry and healing, especially midwifery. There is debate as to whether St Brigid was also the Celtic Goddess Brid.

The Cross of St Brigid seems to represent the sunshine, with rays of light coming from it, in shape of the arms of the Catholic Cross. Some people say she had two sisters, also called Brigid, so they could pass the blame from one to the other I’d imagine!

Another name for Brigid is Bride, and a woman being married is a “bride” in her honor.


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Puerto Ricans Concerned That $20 Billion Recovery Plan Is ‘Not For The People’

Life after Hurricane María … still goes one!! … ‘On an island where damage from Hurricane Maria is still visible on nearly every city block and around every bend in Puerto Rico’s many winding rural roads, some on the island are questioning whether the government is fully prepared to get the money where it needs to go. They worry that in the rush to get the money flowing, many communities may be overlooked.’

Repeating Islands


A report by Adrián Florido for NPR.

César Díaz felt lucky that only a couple of leaks had sprung in his ceiling, even though Hurricane Maria tore the zinc panels off much of his roof. His real troubles began about a year after the storm, when a crew hired by Puerto Rico’s housing department showed up to make the repairs.

“They weren’t very professional,” Díaz said. “They didn’t wear gloves, and they asked if I had an extra piece of wood.”

Within days, there were new leaks. Not only in the living room but in the bedroom, over his daughter’s crib.

“None of those were there before,” he said, pointing to a half-dozen brown splotches in the ceiling. Díaz, a music teacher and member of the town council in the hard-hit municipality of Loiza, knew that many of his neighbors were still waiting for repairs. So he began teaching…

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More Snarky Snippets

Things are still happening … while the wall, next shutdown, attacking the Intelligence agencies and many shiny objects distract all!! … here’s a ‘short list’ … beware!!

Filosofa's Word

The headline catches my eye …

Fox News: The Arrest Of Roger Stone Was Worse Than Benghazi

I ponder … dig through my dusty memory bank.  As I recall, there were a number of fatalities during the attack on the American diplomatic compound and the CIA annex, four of them U.S. citizens. And I seem to remember 11 non-fatal injuries, again four of them U.S. citizens, the rest Libyan.  So … were people killed when FBI agents pounded on Mr. Stone’s door, yelling, “Open up … FBI!”?  Who died?  I hadn’t heard that there were deaths and injuries, had you? fox-stone-raid

I read the article …thearticleI really liked both of the comments. Look, Fox people, Roger Stone is far from an innocent citizen peacefully minding his own business.  He is into the Trump-Russia scandal so deep that I’m surprised he can still breathe.  Stone has been a piece of…

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Starbucks Ex-CEO Howard Schultz Is A Cleaned-Up Version Of President Trump

Here’s a better picture … there’s was something about him that didn’t sit right!! Here’s why … ‘US history has proven that 3rd party candidates do not win but they can end up being a spoiler. It is possible for him to garner enough votes to get Drumpf re-elected when nothing less than the saving of our US democracy, which has been under attack from within and without, is at stake.
Mr. Schultz has to know that he’s plan at this time is reckless/ high risk. It seems that he doesn’t care which makes him just another entitled billionaire who wants what he wants and damn the consequences.’ … take a look!!

Gronda Morin

Image result for howard schultz's former home on Lake Washington, near Denny Blaine Park Howard Schultz $21.7 Million Mansion

The Starbucks Ex-CEO Howard Schultz is a less toxic version than the republican President Donald Trump which makes him a very attractive 3rd party candidate to many rich Wall Street types who want a leader who would protect their current taxation structure and who would resist adding burdensome government regulations on their business practices, while being more competent.

Mr. Schultz has been planning this move for awhile. He’s written his memoir, has been a guest on just about every TV interview show that exists, giving him lots of free air time during the month of January 2019.

Image result for images howard schultz

US history has proven that 3rd party candidates do not win but they can end up being a spoiler. It is possible for him to garner enough votes to get President Trump reelected when nothing less than the saving of our US democracy, which has been under attack…

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