Ralph Northam In Blackface, But What About The Medical School That Allowed that Ideology?

My sentiments exactly … ‘The idea that any medical school in America would allow the publishing of a photo representing the domestic terrorist KKK is beyond appalling. It’s not only about Gov. Northam as much as it that Eastern Virginia Medical School apparently saw nothing wrong with the photo.’

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Today’s cable news carried the headlines about Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam.  Northam is the 73rd Governor of Virginia, being elected in January 2018.  He attended Eastern Virginia Medical School.  He is a physician by occupation having served as an United States Army medical officer from 1984 to 1992.   Northam completed pediatric residency at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, and did a child neurology fellowship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D. C. and John Hopkins Hospital.  Since 1992, Northam had been a pediatric neurologist at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, VA.

On February 1, 2019, a photo from Northam’s medical school yearbook’s page was released.  It shows an image of a person alleged to be Northham in blackface standing next to a person dressed in the hood and robe of the Ku Klux Klan.  A spokesman for Eastern Virginia Medical…

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‘I Dreamed a Dream’ …. “🤭 Shows How Humans Are Destroying Wildlife 🤭 …. “!!

Eye-Opening Animation of Animals Singing “I Dreamed A Dream” that shows how Humans are Destroying Wildlife

Dream is a short a short animated film, created by Zombie Studio back in 2016 for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival.
It tells the tragic tale of four animals facing extinction to the tune of “I Dreamed a Dream”, a song from Les Misérables and highlights the many ways humans are harming innocent wildlife.

 With the lyrics of the particular song, each animal – a blue whale, a brown pelican, a baby harp seal and a rhinoceros – tell of their own own fate by human hands.

In “Dream,” a beautiful animation video for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, four animals facing extinction tell their stories through the words of “I Dreamed a Dream” a song you’ll recognize if you’re a Les Misérables fan.


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CGI Animated Short Film HD “Dream” by Zombie Studio, CGMeetup
~~Published on Oct 27, 2016~~

♫ Evergreen ♫

One of the best ever!! … ‘This song about new love was the theme to the 1976 remake of A Star Is Born. The film, which starred Streisand, was very popular and this song won the Academy Award for Best Song.’ … brings so many memories back!!

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This song about new love was the theme to the 1976 remake of A Star Is Born. The film, which starred Streisand, was very popular and this song won the Academy Award for Best Song.  I knew I was in the mood to play some Streisand tonight, but I couldn’t decide between this one and Memories.

Paul Williams, who had written hits for the Carpenters and Three Dog Night, wrote this with Streisand. The songs for A Star Is Born had to be written before filming began, since they were performed on camera. When Williams signed on to the project, Streisand had the music and one verse for the song “Everything.” Over the next seven weeks, they wrote all the songs for the movie.  According to Paul Williams …

Paul-Williams“She sat down and played on a guitar, the melody for ‘Evergreen’ that she’d written. It was just such…

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