America’s Got Talent 2019 …. “💞🎼 …. ‘The Champions’ …. Kseniya Simonova …. Terry’s Golden Buzzer 🎼💞 …. “!!

~~February 7, 2019~~ 


AGT: The Champions’ Host Terry Crews Slams Golden Buzzer for Jaw-Dropping Sand Artist

Kseniya Simonova is a sand animation artist, the 2009 winner of the TV contest Ukraine’s Got Talent, which is part of the Got Talent series.

She is a performance artist in sand animation, graphic artist, illustrator, film director and a philanthropist and is a Merited Artist of Ukraine. 



~~America’s Got Talent~~

The Champions’ host Terry Crews got his chance at awarding the Golden Buzzer on Monday’s new episode, and the beaming actor waited for just the right contestant.

Taking the stage halfway through the show, wildly talented sand artist Kseniya Simonova – who was crowned the champion of Ukraine’s Got Talent in 2009 – introduced herself with an appreciative smile and a preface for the story she was about to tell through the medium of sand.

 “This is a story about a child who grew up, became a famous artist, and forgot his parents,” Simonova explained, somewhat emotionally. “I wish for nobody to forget their parents.”

Stepping over to her under-lit table covered in fine sand, Simonova showed off her astounding talent that became a viral sensation for the impressive artist, using sand to quickly and fluidly animate a series of images that transformed to tell a heartbreaking story.



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~~Kseniya Simonova~~

Sand Artist Gets Terry Crews’ GOLDEN BUZZER

~~Published on Feb 4, 2019~~
Kseniya Simonova told an emotional story through the art of sand, and earned the Golden Buzzer from Terry Crews!

America’s Got Talent The Champions

Kseniya Simonova Twitter Feed


A Picture Says a Thousand Words …. “🤨 This REAL Picture Generates Plenty Memes 🤨 …. “!!


~~February 7, 2019~~ 



Drumpf’s 2019 State of the Union address got the world talking with social media reacting to key takeaways and memorable moments during the speech.

Soon enough, Twitter was ablaze with comments about the speech. But, as ever, the public was quickly picking up on the minutiae, including the president’s “wildly crooked tie” and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s paper shuffling.

In fact, throughout the address, Pelosi’s facial expressions and reactions (which were, as Trump’s political rival, naturally negative ones) were widely seized upon by viewers. But it was her seemingly mocking applause at the end of Trump’s speech that prompted a Twitter storm, with the “Pelosi clap” quickly trending and becoming a meme.



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Miracle. All of it.

Amazing real life story … ‘From the beginning of the miracle, to the unwinding of the miracle. … Julie Yip-Williams, February 2018. “Prologue” from The Unwinding of the Miracle: A Memoir of Life, Death, and Everything that Comes After (Random House, February 5, 2019).’

Live & Learn

Hello, welcome.

My name is Julie Yip-Williams. I am grateful and deeply honored that you are here. This story begins at the ending. Which means that if you are here, then I am not. But it’s okay.

My life was good and my life was complete. It came to so much more than I ever thought possible, or than my very humble beginnings would have given me the right to expect. I was a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an immigrant, a cancer patient, a lawyer, and now a writer. I tried to live always with good intentions and a good heart, although I am sure I have hurt people along the way. I tried my best to live a full, rewarding life, to deal with the inevitable trials with grace, and to emerge with my sense of humor and love for life intact. That’s all…

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