We Have a Guest …. “🐶 Her Name is Lucy …. I Call Her Lovely Lucy-Lu 🐶 …. “!!

~~February 9, 2019~~ 


We have a guest.

Sometimes life surprises you. This is one of them. We are happily taking care of a very well behaved little creature.

Lucy belongs to a very dear friend.

She’ll stay with us as long as she has to. We will give her all the love and care that her mummy does.

She’s safe.

So is her mummy! 


Connor, the dog whisperer and Lucy-Lu

Lucy got some birthday action!!

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Sweet Lucy, sleep tight.

You are safe!

Mummy totally misses you!! 


On this Very Special Day …. “💞 A Very Special Woman was Born …. Maryjane …. Wife, Mother, Grandmother …. Like No Other 💞 …. “!!

~~February 9, 2019~~

Happy Birthday to the Love of My life

It’s been so many years together … a lifetime!!

Since 1969, a break in between and reconnected in 1996!!

This is how life comes full circle.

You are my love, my life and my all. We’ve shared so much together … here’s to continue sharing so much more until ‘death do us part’ …. ALWAYS, ALWAYS … you have all my love and my life!!

Yin-Yang … feeling loved.


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‘A Grammy Host is Born’ …. 💞🎼 ‘Shallow Parody’ …. James Corden 🎼💞 …. “!!

~~February 9, 2019~~


Two of my favorite people in the entertaining business.

I will watching the GRAMMY’s this year!

Enjoy the fun.


The duo took on Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s award-winning hit from ‘A Star Is Born’ for a song about Keys’ upcoming emcee gig

Ally and Jackson Maine would be proud

On Wednesday night, Alicia Keys and James Corden performed a parody of “Shallow” – the Grammy-nominated duet from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s film, A Star Is Born – called “A Grammy Host Is Born.”

During their live rendition, which took place on The Late Late Show, former Grammys host Corden offered advice to Keys about her upcoming gig as host of this year’s music awards ceremony.

“Honestly, I’m really excited. I feel really good about it because I feel like it’s the perfect opportunity for me to give the light back and lift people up, especially all the young women that are nominated,” she said at the time, calling out the high number of female nominees this year. “Like, to me, it feels like sister vibes.”

The 2019 Grammys are set to air live Feb. 10 on CBS from the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. Watch Keys and Corden’s “Shallow” parody in the video below.

“As it appears on … full read/full credit”


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~~A Grammy Host Is Born~~

‘Shallow’ Parody with Alicia Keys

~~Published on Feb 6, 2019~~

GRAMMYs host Alicia Keys gets together with 2-time GRAMMYs host James Corden for a beautiful duet parodying “Shallow” from the hit film “A Star Is Born,” in which James gives her some advice for her big night.


Flying Northeast #AA2716. With Birds.

Slow down and take notice … right on target!! … ‘It was Rebecca Pacheco’s tribute to Mary Oliver in To read Mary Oliver was to slow down and take notice.’

Live & Learn

We pulled away from the gate at DFW 30 minutes late, late Friday afternoon. Not bad. Could be worse.

Exit row, reclining seat. God Bless Shara(My Assistant). We’ve been together 6 years now. This seat, this trip, the car pick-up, managing trip expenses – here and there and there, always just right.

Jet engines on this late model Boeing throb, I’m sitting over the wings. We taxi out, make a slow turn, and then…

The engines shut down, and the Pilot comes on the intercom. No. No. No. Yes.

“Folks, I’m sorry. But there is flow control at LaGuardia. We’ve been advised that the wait could be up to 90 minutes. We need to wait on the runway in the event we get cleared sooner.”

Not a free seat open on this plane. A chorus of groans, a shifting in seats. We settle in. My arrival time, now potentially…

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