‘Oil Painting’ – Color by Number “💐 Awesome iPhone app …. Relaxing and Addictive: Flowers 💐 …. “!!

~~April 30, 2019~~ 


You know how those pesky ads come up while you are scrolling on your phone or tablet? 

Well, I start using one of them: ‘Happy Color – Color by Number‘.

At the time, I was hooked and quite adept at it. A while later another pesky ad showed me ‘Oil Painting: Color by Number’.

Well, darn it … I’m totally hooked. 

I’ll do the daily one on ‘Happy Color’ yet gravitate to the ‘Oil Painting’ one. 

Here’s a sample of just flowers.

Anything to relax and do something that doesn’t entail deep thinking.

I’m a ‘goner’!


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Thoughts for Today, #523 …. “🤨 ‘Mine Just Broke Too’ 🤨 …. “!!

~~April 30, 2019~~


It’s always good to end things with a bang.

Here’s today sure bet!


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Something to Think About …. “🇵🇷 After Effects of Hurricane María on the Young 🇵🇷 …. “!!

~~April 30, 2019~~ 


The effects of this devastating, natural disaster are still felt in the psyche of Puerto Ricans. It’s almost at the two year mark.

The young people of Puerto Rico have been affected greatly. 

Link to report included below. 

It was a ‘passing event’ with devastating consequences! 




What was the magnitude of disaster exposure and mental health outcomes on Puerto Rican youths after Hurricane Maria?


Results from a public school–based survey administered to 96 108 students revealed that 83.9% saw houses damaged, 57.8% had a friend or family member leave the island, 45.7% reported damage to their own homes, 32.3% experienced shortage of food or water, 29.9% perceived their lives to be at risk, and 16.7% still had no electricity 5 to 9 months after the hurricane. Overall, 7.2% of youths reported clinically significant symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, with demographic and risk variables accounting for approximately 20% of variance in symptoms.


Puerto Rican youths experienced significant disaster exposure and reported trauma-related symptoms that warrant evidence-based mental health services.

Check out some of the stats below and read the study for yourself here: 


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Puerto Ricans Turn the Whitney’s Lobby into a Dance Floor…

And this is the Puerto Rican reality … has been since 1898!! … “I come from a colonized land,” said one of the group’s members Andres Rodriguez in a speech, according to Hyperallergic. “I don’t have a nation. It was stripped away from me by force. As a Puerto Rican, I don’t have power over myself. I don’t have power of my land.”

Repeating Islands

Whitney-Puerto-Rico-Protest9-1080x810.jpeg“… to protest island’s colonial status.” Yara Simón (Remezcla) summarizes a recent Hyperallergicarticle explaining how Puerto Rican protesters and supporters, led by Decolonize This Place, took over the Whitney Museum’s lobby to bring visibility to the colonial question and the austerity measures put into place by the US Fiscal Control Board.

As Bad Bunny and El Alfa’s “La Romana” blared through the speakers in the lobby of the Whitney Museum of American Art, protesters held signs that read “tear gas is deadly,” “humanity has no borders,” and “who profits from tear gas?”

The protesters – who belong to several different grassroots group – were led by Decolonize This Place, which launched a nine-week protest calling for the removal of Warren B. Kanders, vice chairman of the Whitney board of directors. Kanders is the owner of Safariland, a company that produces tear gas and manufactures defense weapons. This weekend’s protest (the…

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Normal People

NORMAL PEOPLE … ‘ Life is the thing you bring with you inside your own head.’ … Sally Rooney, Normal People (Hogarth, April 16, 2019). And more …

Live & Learn

Last night he spent an hour and a half lying on the floor of his room, because he was too tired to complete the journey from his en suite back to his bed. There was the en suite, behind him, and there was the bed, in front of him, both well within view, but somehow it was impossible to move either forward or backward, only downward, onto the floor, until his body was arranged motionless on the carpet. Well, here I am on the floor, he thought. Is life so much worse here than it would be on the bed, or even in a totally different location? No, life is exactly the same. Life is the thing you bring with you inside your own head.

~ Sally Rooney, Normal People (Hogarth, April 16, 2019).

DK Rating: Highly Recommended. Sally Rooney, 28 years old, and to write like this, Wow…

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Update on Our Guest …. “🐶 Lovely LucyLu …. Sunday in the Backyard 🐶 …. “!!

~~April 29, 2019~~ 


Sunday in the backyard.

Her Mummy was visiting and Lucy was in good spirits. 

All is going well. 

Her spirit remains.

Thankful is wasn’t worse!


… and we get closer and closer!! 

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‘The Soul of Italy’ …. “🇮🇹 Steven McCurry’s Blog …. Italy is a Dream …. that keeps recurring 🇮🇹 …. “!!

~~April 29, 2019~~
This is one of my favorite blogs.
For some reason I’m not able to reblog.

The button is there but doesn’t work.
I’d like you to enjoy it as much as I do so I share it this way.

Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.
~Anna Akhmatova~



I would have to say that the best part about Italy is the people.
The hospitality of the Italian people is without rival.
There’s no friendlier place on the planet.
~Steve McCurry~