Madonna, Maluma …. “🎼 ‘Medellín’ …. from ‘Madame X’ 🎼 …. 4 M’s“!!

~~April 26, 2019~~


Never say that Madonna has had a dull moment in her legendary career. I remember the ‘Borderline‘, ‘Like A Virgin‘, ‘Isla Bonita‘, ‘Vogue‘ days.

Always provocative, controversial never boring.

‘Medellín’ is no different.

Take a look and decide for yourself.


Madonna Seduces Maluma in Rowdy, Cha-Cha-Inspired ‘Medellín’ Video

The visual stars Madonna as her alter ego, Madame X, and the Colombian singer as her paramour.

Madonna unveiled the wild video for her new Maluma-assisted single “Medellín” on Wednesday (April 24) in a live international event hosted by MTV.
The cinematic clip opens with Madonna-as-Madame X kneeling before an altar, gently lit by a gold-and-blue stained glass window.

“Dear God, how could I trust anyone after years of disappointment and betrayal?” she whispers in urgent prayer. “How could I not want to run away again and again? Escape. I will never be what society expects me to be.

The video reaches its climax at the stars’ raucous wedding celebration, with Madonna donning a white gown, veiled cowboy hat and futuristic eye patch to dance on the table, before riding off into the countryside on horseback with Maluma.


~~Published on Apr 24, 2019~~

You’re watching the official music video for “Medellín” from Madonna’s album ‘Madame X’.

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Singer-songwriter iLe rallies for Puerto Rican Freedom—and her own

#BoricuaPride … ALMADURA … ‘The 12 song collection is lyrically-focused, driven by emotion, and infused with call to actions between the lines for people from an island which has been colonized by the United States for over a century now. Much like her treasured birthplace, 29-year-old Ileana Mercedes Cabra Joglar is in a transitional moment of her life and career.’

Repeating Islands

iLe-RS-credit-Cesar-BerriosIn “Singer-Songwriter iLe rallies for Puerto Rican freedom—and her own—in upcoming LP ‘Almadura,’” Ecleen Luzmila Caraballo writes about Mercedes Cabra Joglar, former member of the well-known group Calle 13. Almadura—a play of words using armadura (armor) and alma dura (strong soul)—will be available on May 10. Caraballo quotes iLe: “Even reggaeton has its roots. It’s good for [Puerto Ricans] to give color to all the rich musicality that we have.” Read the full review at Rolling Stone magazine.

“I want my country to be free,” said Ileana Cabra Joglar, better known as iLe, with one hand on her chest. During a recent performance at El Museo del Barrio — New York City’s leading art museum for the Latin American diaspora, and the jewel of Spanish Harlem — she took a moment between songs to give pause and take in the history of the space.

The city would give the…

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Update on our Guest …. “🐶 Lovely Lucy-Lu …. Metal Clips Removed 🐶 …. “!!

~~APril 26, 2019~~ 


Lucy ended with 5 metal clips on the right side of her upper back after a mishap with a neighbor’s dog.

Happy to report that the metal clips were removed yesterday with any problems. 

All is going well. Lucy is recovering well.

Her spirit remains.

Thankful is wasn’t worse!




Look at this sweet face!

There’s a kind, old soul inside of her.

It makes you want to protect her and make her feel well.



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Puerto Rico is the best argument for the Green New Deal

Let’s get it done … ‘On most days, Puerto Rico is soaked in sun and blown by ocean winds, and islands are generally considered ideal testing grounds for microgrid technologies that allow communities to generate their own power with renewables and batteries. The Green New Deal outlines incentives to spur electric vehicle and clean energy manufacturing. Puerto Rico, once a vibrant manufacturing hub, has the factories and workforce needed to get those industries up and running quickly.’

Repeating Islands

PRAlexander C. Kaufman (Huffington Post) writes on how Puerto Rico, still struggling under the 2017 hurricane damage, shows why half-measure climate change policies will not work. Here are a few excerpts (I highly recommend reading the full text and watching the related video at the Huffington Post).

Even a little rain threatens Lucy Cruz with what feels like biblical wrath.

When the skies open up ― as they often do ― the Caño Martín Peña, a nearly four-mile canal that connects San Juan Bay to two lagoons in the middle of Puerto Rico’s sprawling capital city, floods into her neighborhood. And with the floodwaters come rats, trash and human feces, flowing through the winding streets. Cruz is one of 26,000 people who live in the communities ― some of the city’s poorest ― that nestle along the channel.

The canal is a literal cesspool. The Environmental…

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Why is a bankrupt Puerto Rico spending more than a billion dollars on expert advice?

Yes, they are … as a matter of fact, ‘THEY; always have!! … the MASTER!! … ‘“They’re treating us like guinea pigs.” And they’re right. Puerto Rico is a sort of island laboratory for an experiment in austerity.’

Repeating Islands

12-puerto-rico-lede.w570.h712The full title of this fascinating—and, for me, gut-wrenching—article by Andrew Rice (in collaboration with Luis Valentín Ortiz and Centro de Periodismo Investigativo) is “The McKinsey Way to Save an Island. Why is a bankrupt Puerto Rico spending more than a billion dollars on expert advice?” [Many thanks to Roselina Rivera for bringing this item to our attention.] Here are a few excerpts; please, read the full article at Intelligencer.

Since 2016, Puerto Rico has been buffeted by a natural disaster and several overlapping, man-made catastrophes. Its government is bankrupt and owes $74 billion to bondholders: a staggering sum that amounts to 99 percent of the island’s gross national product, or $25,000 for each of its 3 million men, women, and children. It faces a vociferously hostile president, a stalemated and colonial relationship with Congress, entrenched local political dysfunction, and a bunch of angry creditors — most notably, a group of hedge…

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So true … yet I’m so tired, spent and fed up!! … ‘We must not, under any circumstances, become complacent to the atrocities being committed by not only Trump, but his hired thugs such as Stephen Miller, Steve Mnuchin, William Barr and others. We must not turn the page of the breaking news update with naught but a sigh and a roll of our eyes. We must demand an accounting in the press, we must stay on top of the day-to-day atrocities, and we MUST make our voices heard, else all is lost.’

Filosofa's Word

A day or two ago I received the following ‘breaking news’ update from Politico:breaking-news

I impatiently cleared it from my phone, saying, “Yeah, yeah, I already figured that”.  And then today, Robert Reich posted this on Facebook:

breaking-newsSure, it came as no surprise, for it has become obvious that the congressional investigations are not being taken seriously by Trump and his minions. But, if we keep doing as I did, treating it as just another day, another abomination, ho-hum … then we have lost, and he has won. And the result of his winning will be that the United States of America will become yet another dictatorship in the Western world, like Turkey, like Russia.  Perhaps we are already on the brink … it very much feels as if we are.

And then this, from Amy Siskind, also on Facebook …

“Okay folks, the FBI is heading to meet…

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