Update on Our Guest …. “🐶 Lovely LucyLu …. Sunday in the Backyard 🐶 …. “!!

~~April 29, 2019~~ 


Sunday in the backyard.

Her Mummy was visiting and Lucy was in good spirits. 

All is going well. 

Her spirit remains.

Thankful is wasn’t worse!


… and we get closer and closer!! 

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‘The Soul of Italy’ …. “🇮🇹 Steven McCurry’s Blog …. Italy is a Dream …. that keeps recurring 🇮🇹 …. “!!

~~April 29, 2019~~
This is one of my favorite blogs.
For some reason I’m not able to reblog.

The button is there but doesn’t work.
I’d like you to enjoy it as much as I do so I share it this way.

Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.
~Anna Akhmatova~



I would have to say that the best part about Italy is the people.
The hospitality of the Italian people is without rival.
There’s no friendlier place on the planet.
~Steve McCurry~

Happy International Dance Day!

So good to know … ‘Since 1982, every year International Dance Day is celebrated on April 29th to promote the art of dance across cultural, political, and ethnic barriers.’

By Hook Or By Book


Since 1982, every year International Dance Day is celebrated on April 29th to promote the art of dance across cultural, political, and ethnic barriers. It encourages education and participation in dance and attempts to serve as a wake-up call to politicians, governments, and institutions around the world which haven’t yet recognized its intrinsic value.


This year’s spokesperson is Egyptian dancer, choreographer, and educator Karima Mansour. She states:

Dance is a healer. Dance is where humanity can meet.


I invite people to go beyond borders, identity crises, nationalities, and frames. May we free ourselves of those limitations and find movement and momentum in that universal language. I invite everyone to dance to their heartbeat, to their inner truth, because it is from these internal movements, which lead to internal revolutions, where real change happens.

I hope the videos below will help inspire you to put on your dancing shoes, or…

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‘Women of Congress’ Tribute …. “🇺🇸 Saturday Night Live 🇺🇸 …. “!!

~~April 29, 2019~


Humor always makes the seriousness, idiocy and unbelievable of the current American governance tolerable.

Here’s a tribute to the women elected in the 2018 midterms.



The 2018 election ushered in a huge crop of congressional freshmen, and while it was a big win for the Democratic Party, in many ways it was an even bigger win for women.

Those women made a show of solidarity at Drumpf’s State of the Union this week by wearing all white, making for a stark display against the sea of mostly white dudes in dark suits on the other side of the chamber.
On Saturday, SNL paid tribute to those women by comparing them to some of the most important female figures in TV history:

Charlie’s Angels.

Kate McKinnon reappears as Nancy Pelosi, and Melissa Villaseñor gets to try out her Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez again, and they and the other women like Maxine Waters and Rashida Tlaib all sport aggressive nicknames.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”

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As a Retired Physician …. “🤨 This Shook Me to the Core 🤨 …. “!!

~~April 29, 2019~~
I’m a retired physician … this isn’t true!!

HE has no bottom! There’s nothing that HE won’t say!

There’s nothing sacred, there’s no boundary HE won’t cross … this is the workings of a sick, disintegrating, senile, evil mind!!

I found a Facebook user’s response which shows extensive experiences in the reality of losing a child close to the birth.

I will quote her words below.

They are worth a read.


Lou Ann Kyle 
As a response to:
“The baby is born, the mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully. Then the doctor and mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby.”


“As a NICU nurse, I served on the ‘Bereavement Team.’ We were a special team of Nurses tough enough to help new parents go through the worst day of their lives. Parents of babies who had fought so hard for their tiny little lives and weren’t going to make it …

And parents of babies who, after they were born, and wouldn’t have their moms body keeping them alive, would die rather quickly. As these small bodies were failing, it was our job to be there with the parents at every step, give them support, and do our best to make some memories of their precious babies that could help ease their impending and overwhelming grief. 

When heroic measures failed or a baby without a brain or working lungs or heart was born, we knew the end was near, and we encouraged the parents to be present in these finals moments.

We placed the babies skin to skin with mom and placed a blanket over them both. We lowered the lights and quieted the room. We had as much or as little family and the parents wanted in the room. We sang songs, we prayed, we hugged, we swayed… and we all cried. 

I cried until my throat burned for this family who has just had to endure the unthinkable. 

We were in the moment with those families. We took pictures, even for the ones who were too traumatized to think they’d ever want to see them, just in case they did. 

We made footprints. We put a lock of hair into a ribbon. We measured the babies length and marked it on a tape measure. We made special tiny white gowns and hats for our angels. We created a memory box for these families who were losing their child that day.

So yes, there are those in hospitals who are around infants who pass: they are the Bereavement Teams and they provide the equivalent of neonatal hospice to families who are living through absolute Hell. 

Babies and children die, it’s a sad part of life. But no one, absolutely NO ONE ever, in any hospital, nor any mother who has just given birth, is conspiring with a doctor on whether or not to commit infanticide. This is perhaps one of the sickest accusations levied by this deranged dictator yet.

Don’t believe a word he says about anything important.”

-Julia Pulver, RN~

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Randy Rainbow Song Parody …. “🤨 ‘BARR’ …. ‘Excloosive’ Report 🤨 …. “!!


~~April 29, 2019~~


Randy has a new video out … again, quite apropos for current events.
Thanks for keeping me sane with these videos during the endless fuckery that Drumpf’s ‘presidency’ is and directs his parody at a very worthy recipient:

William P. Barr has sold his soul.
The video says it all!!

“The attorney for the people has redefined his loyalty!”

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Attorney General William Barr, flanked by Edward O’Callaghan and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, at a news conference to discuss Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, in Washington, D.C., April 18, 2019.

~~Published on Apr 29, 2019~~
Right out of production … into our collective realities!
While Bill Barr threatens not to testify, the dems may subpoena, but has anyone tried a Disney musical?