A Picture Says a Thousand Words …. “🤔 This One, a cartoon, screams, #101 …. A ‘Sitting President’ 🤔 …. “!!

~~May 31, 2019~~ 


… and this is where the Mueller Report ends!

Rep. Justin Amash:

“The ball is in our court, Congress!”


Can a sitting U.S. president face criminal charges?

The U.S. Constitution explains how a president can be removed from office for “high crimes and misdemeanors” by Congress using the impeachment process.

But the Constitution is silent on whether a president can face criminal prosecution in court, and the U.S. Supreme Court has not directly addressed the question.


(I agree and am quite thankful for input)

The Founding Fathers neither implicitly nor explicitly precluded a sitting president from criminal prosecution. Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is such a preclusion stated. He is also wrong in asserting that most legal experts accept that presidents possess criminal immunity. The legal community is in fact quite torn over this issue because it never arose until the Watergate scandal of the early 1970’s and was revisited during the impeachment of Bill Clinton two decades later.

The entire basis for presidential criminal immunity rests solely on an internal DOJ policy memo written arbitrarily and without any participation by the legislative branch (i.e. Congress) or the judicial branch (i.e. the federal courts).

In other words, it’s total BS!

The only entity legally able to officially interpret the Constitution is the U.S. Supreme Court, and it has never ruled on this issue.

Thank you, Robert!

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A Picture Says a Thousand Words …. “🤨 This One, a cartoon, screams #100 …. ‘SS Cadet Bone Spurs’ 🤨 …. “!!


~~May 31, 2019~~

Need I say anything?


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Mitch McConnell: Enemy of the People

I can’t stomach Mitch, the Turtle anymore … not before, least of all now!! … ‘Sen. Mitch McConnell has gone too far, has far overstepped his bounds. In fact, it would seem that there are no limits, no boundaries to what McConnell believes is within his rights.’ #VoteHimOut … Kentucky!!

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Senator Mitch McConnell has gone too far, has far overstepped his bounds.  In fact, it would seem that there are no limits, no boundaries to what McConnell believes is within his rights.

There is hard, irrefutable, fact-based evidence that the Russians interfered in numerous ways with our 2016 election, likely the only reason we have a madman in the Oval Office today.  Set aside for the moment the issue of how involved Donald Trump’s campaign was with the Russian efforts, for while that is important, today I wish to address something else. mcconnell-2Our intelligence agencies have warned that the Russians are already up to their shenanigans in an effort to do a repeat performance in 2020.  Even Trump’s butt-kissing Attorney General Barr has said that conditions still exist that would allow this scenario to repeat in 2020.  FBI Director Christopher Wray and Robert Mueller have warned that if we do…

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USS John McCain

Agree!! The McCain family deserves more than this … ‘One of the big stories this past week is the one about the Beloved Supreme Leader’s recent visit to Japan and a US Naval ship, the USS McCain … ‘

In Saner Thought

One of the big stories this past week is the one about the Beloved Supreme Leader’s recent visit to Japan and a US Naval ship, the USS McCain…..

It would appear that Trump still has a hard on for Sen. McCain….if this report is true……

President Trump has made no secret of the fact that he isn’t, and never was, an admirer of the late John McCain. But that story took a strange turn this week with a report that the White House ordered the Navy essentially to conceal a destroyer named for McCain’s father and grandfather, both Navy admirals, while Trump visited Japan. By all accounts, Trump himself did not make any such order, but he said Thursday that he understands the rationale. Details and developments:

  • The president: “I don’t know what happened. I was not involved. I would not have done that,” Trump told reporters Thursday, reports Politico

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Friday Fun Facts …. “🤨 None of The Beatles knew how to Read Music 🤨…. ‘“!!

~~May 30, 2019~~


It is absolutely true that none of The Beatles knew how to write or read sheet music.

The reason is they didn’t have to.
As they came together and matured as a band, they were doing what most bands in their early years were doing, that is cover songs.

The way a band learns to play a cover is for the musician to listen to the recording and play along on his instrument. The players bring it all together at the next band rehearsal. I don’t believe things were any different for The Beatles than anybody else.
Lennon and McCartney, whether together or apart, wrote the words and the chords down and played a demo on a tape recorder.


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Yet, we all know how successful they were and the huge print they left on the music scene.

To Start the Day …. “🥀 It’s a New Day …. Be Awesome 🥀 …. “!!

~~May 30, 2019~~ 

Yes, good morning, everyone. 

This is a new day that offers plenty of opportunities. Make the best of it. 


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Robert De Niro …. “🤨 Joins 1,000+ Prosecutors and Writes Open Letter …. ‘Making the Case’ 🤨 …. “!!

~~May 30, 3019~~


I have always admired Mr. de Niro as the well-known actor that he is . 

Today I salute and thank him from the deepest recesses of my brain and my heart. He’s the kind of person I need to hear.

Thank you, Sir!! 


“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


“You’ve characterized the report as your testimony, but you wouldn’t accept that reason from anyone your office interviewed,” De Niro wrote. “Additional information and illumination emerge from responses to questions. I know you’re as uncomfortable in the spotlight as the president is out of it. I know you don’t want to become part of the political spectacle surrounding Russia’s crimes and your report on them. I know you will, however reluctantly, testify before Congress if called, because you respect the system and follow the rules, and I understand why you’d want to do it away from the public glare. But the country needs to hear your voice.

Your actual voice.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


~~Published on May 30, 2019~~

Robert De Niro, 1,000+ former federal prosecutors, and 448 pages all point to the same conclusion:

Donald Drumpf committed felony obstruction of justice.

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