‘USS John S. McCain’ …. “🤔 Name Covered by Tarp …. During Dumpf’s Visit to Japan …. Why? 🤨 …. “!!

~May 30, 2019~


Normally I don’t see eye to eye with Meghan McCain and her appearances, comments and tantrums on ‘The View’ irk me. However, every since her father passed away, I understand the need for compassion and empathy on topics related to her father, his service in the military and the need for the family to grieve privately.

However, the ‘ass’ in the White House doesn’t skip any opportunity to dig and peel the scab of healing.

This one being the most recent and, IMHO, quite the low blow.

I’m behind Meghan 100% on this one.

It seems I’m not the only one feeling this way.


In news of totally normal and totally magnanimous happenings in the Drumpf administration, apparently the White House mandated that a literal tarp cover visual evidence of the late U.S. Sen. John McCain legacy, to avoid a meltdown from the president.
According to emails obtained by the Wall Street Journal, the White House instructed the U.S. Navy to keep the warship USS John S. McCain “out of sight,” during Drumpf’s 4-day visit to Japan.
The strange request ultimately reached the highest echelons of the government and acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan approved the measure, according to the Journal.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”

‘Impossible’ to Stop Grieving My Dad Because Trump Keeps Slamming Him
‘I’m sorry if nine months isn’t enough for me to move on,’ she added. ‘When Trump is doing this, it makes it harder.’

Reacting to reports that the White House wanted the Navy to keep the USS John S. McCain “out of sight” during Drumpf’s trip to Japan, The View’s Meghan McCain blasted Drumpf on Thursday. May 30, for his continued attacks on her late father while saying he’s making it “impossible” for her to get through the grieving process.

After co-host Whoopi Goldberg noted that Trump denied the White House was involved but said whoever made the order was “well-meaning,” McCain said it was “ridiculous” that people didn’t know about it.

Putting a note on this, there’s a lot of criticism of media of how often I speak of my father,” McCain declared. “It’s impossible to go through the grief process when my father, who has been dead for ten months, is constantly in the news cycle because the president is so obsessed with the fact that he’s never going to be a great man like he was.”



~~Published on May 30, 2019~~

The View

The US Navy is suffering from systemic and pervasive failure of leadership at the highest levels.
And, worse, outright cowardice.
According to the Wall Street Journal, in preparation for Drumpf’s visit to Japan, the White House wanted to ensure USS John McCain would not be visible to the so-called ‘Commander-in-Chief’ during his visit to USS Wasp.
The McCain is undergoing repairs following its collision last year, a collision caused by gross incompetence of the ships officers and which killed seven Sailors. The White House was afraid Drumpf would be upset if he saw the ship’s name, because he hated John McCain, but since the ship is damaged and can’t be moved they had to come up with a way to make sure that didn’t happen. So, the Navy ordered a tarp hung over the ship’s transom to hide its designation. And the ship’s crew were ordered to remove any coverings from the ship that bore its name. Then they were given the day off, so they wouldn’t be around for Drumpf’s visit.

This is hands down, one of the most despicable and dishonorable acts I’ve ever witnessed from US Navy leadership, and I’ve seen some pretty shitty things from the senior ranks. Hell, I was on active duty during Tailhook and the USS Iowa Investigations and I wouldn’t have believed anything could be more dishonorable than those events.
I don’t know how any Sailor assigned to McCain could ever again set foot on her – knowing that their Commander-in-Chief despises them and their Admiral is so ashamed of them that he would hide them from the president’s visit. I can’t imagine how any commander could ever expect morale to be anything but a disaster and the ship to be anything but the bastard of the fleet. If I was her crew, I’d have to wonder if maybe the best thing that could have happened was she went down after the collision, buried at sea. I can’t imagine the command environment on board that poor ship.

Any real Navy officer would have told the White House to go fuck itself. The admirals should have handed the phone to a Chief Warrant Officer if they didn’t have the balls to do it themselves.
Every flag officer who was involved in compliance with this cowardly decision should be stripped of rank and cashiered. They are unfit for command.
This isn’t my Navy.
I don’t know who these cowards are.

Jim Wright


A Stain on the Honor of the Navy
In acceding to a White House request to cover the name of the USS John S. McCain, officers and officials revealed a rot within the service

The United States Navy, under orders from the White House and with the approval of the acting secretary of defense and the compliance of a chain of naval officers in the Seventh Fleet, did its efficient best to conceal the name John McCain from Drumpf’s sight when he recently visited Yokosuka Naval Base.



“Somebody did it because they thought I didn’t like him. They were well meaning, I will say.”

Donald Drumpf

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