There He Goes Again …

Don’t hold your breath for presidential representation!! … ‘ if you are holding out some hope that he will behave and act like a world leader, splash yourself with cold water and wake up from that dream, for he has already insulted the nation in the days leading up to his trip … ‘

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Tomorrow, Donald Trump goes to visit our friends in the United Kingdom.  I offer my apologies to my UK friends in advance for all the terrible things he is sure to say and do, and I hope you won’t hold it against us … or at least those of us who did not, could not, and would not vote for him.  But really, you guys invited him … what were you thinking???queen-elizabeth-iiLast July Trump visited the UK and was honoured with a visit to the Queen.  I shuddered when I heard that would take place, for he is known for being crude and crass, without a shred of grace or dignity to his name.  And, true to form, he disrespected the Queen in numerous ways, humiliating and embarrassing us.  He began by arriving late, looking sloppy as usual, and keeping Her Majesty waiting for a full ten minutes.  Then…

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Sunken Ships


‘Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down!’ … easier said than done! Trying …

My Good Time Stories

abandoned beach boat clouds Photo by Samir Belhamra @Grafixart_photo on

Today’s blog is a quick encouragement for us to remind us to stay positive despite the fact that you may be going through some hard, sad, or desperate time right now.

I hope and pray that the following little ditty speaks to your heart today!

Ships don’t sink

Because of the water around them;

Ships sink because of the

water that gets in them. Don’t 

let what’s happening around

you get inside you and weigh

you down!

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what will we do?

My sentiments exactly … ‘Refusing a peaceful transition of power? Refusing even to give up that power? It ought to be unthinkable. But Comrade Drumpf and his fellow Republicans have already been laying the foundations for the unthinkable for a couple of years with their repeated lies about voter fraud and the ‘deep state traitors’ inside the government and ‘fake news’ agencies staffed by reporters who hate Drumpf.’ … I shudder to even imagine!!

I’m here to wreck your Sunday. You’re probably sitting quietly, having your morning tea or coffee, maybe listening to music, maybe doing the Sunday crossword, maybe looking out the window and evaluating the weather and planning how to spend this last lazy day before having to go back to work tomorrow.

Dude, I’m about to fuck up your day. I’m going to ask you to consider the following sequence of events:

  • Comrade Donald Trump is impeached by the House, voting along party lines.
  • The Senate refuses to convict, voting along party lines.
  • Trump is defeated in the 2020 election.
  • Trump refuses to concede the election. He claims the election results were rigged by the ‘deep state’. He claims the results were skewed by voter fraud and that millions of illegal immigrants voted. He claims he really won the popular vote AND the electoral vote, and news reports otherwise are fake…

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Drumpf …. “🤨 An LGBTQ Ally? …. I Will Leave this Here …. You Decide 🤨 …. “!!


~~June 2, 2019~~

On Friday, May 31, Drumpf tweeted a message in support of Pride Month

It was breathtakingly disingenuous given his administration’s systematic assault on LGBT rights.

After ignoring LGBTQ Pride month since he took office – and moving to roll back LGBTQ rights in so many areas – Drumpf had the gall to tweet about celebrating Pride on the eve of Pride month, in a couple of tweets on Friday. May 31, in which he also claimed he had “launched” an effort to decriminalize homosexuality around the world.

But Drumpf’s celebration of Pride is as fraudulent and calculated as his claim to be fighting to decriminalize homosexuality. This is in fact an attempt to portray himself as supportive of LGBTQ people as he gears up for the 2020 re-election campaign.
The goal is less about getting much of the community’s backing – which will be near impossible – but more about keeping or getting the support of many others who might be turned off by blatant anti-LGBTQ bigotry.

If you want to read the infamous tweet, they are included below.

“As it appears in … full read/ full credit”

🚨 … dear LGBTQ friends and allies, a message came out of those pursed, round, disgusting lips … from the FIDIOT’s mouth!

Do NOT fall for it … he’s no friend to our community … actions speak louder than words!

Do not ignore the fact that he has the support of religious zealots from Catholics to the Evangelical right and all those in between who want to deny us our basic human rights to exist and be happy.

Don’t fall for it! He’s no friend to our community. Actions speak more than words! … he won’t ever do ANYTHING for our community … 🚨


~Trump campaigned on being an LGBTQ ally~

He hasn’t governed like one.
His administration has pushed policies that discriminate against transgender people.

His campaign promise:

Thank you to the LGBT community!

I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs.

1:31 PM – Jun 14, 2016

When it comes to policies, however, the administration has continued to push new rules that define gender restrictively, despite Drumpf having touted himself as an ally to the LGBTQ community.

And as a result, transgender people are rapidly losing protections.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”

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Sunday Morning: Evolution?

Love is more … ‘David Brooks, The Second Mountain: The Quest For a Moral Life (Random House, April 16, 2019). Revised from original: “I realized I loved her more than evolution required.”

Live & Learn



more than

evolution required.

~ David Brooks, The Second Mountain: The Quest For a Moral Life (Random House, April 16, 2019).  Revised from original: “I realized I loved her more than evolution required.”

Photography: Rachel @ 3 yrs old & Eric @ 1 yr

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