~~June 11, 2019~~


Ever since I found out about this project from Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, I’ve been following it closely.

There’s a Facebook Page which chronicles the origins, the progress and the success of his endeavor.

I have my own copies of this comic book series and it’s quite amazing to learn the history of my country this way.

Edgardo began and has continued presentations in Puerto Rico and many cities of the states.

A younger generation representative, presenting the history of Puerto Rico in an unique format, never before explored in this fashion.

He’s a Boricua Pride!



La Borinqueña’s origin story links the character to a Taíno specific history of not only resistance, but also resilience; those who stood up against the Spaniards, like Cacique Mabodamaca. They didn’t just let the colonizers take over. La Borinqueña’s story is a continuation of that narrative.

Graphic novelist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, looking to change this status quo, decided to reach back to his own Taíno heritage from Puerto Rico in order to create a new kind of hero for his people and beyond: one whose powers and values come from a decidedly Indigenous foundation.

At least 70 percent of Puerto Ricans today are, in part, of Taíno descent, long affirmed by community systems and family lore across their island.’

‘The U.S. government-installed public education system, however, sought from its beginnings to counter that understanding. Indoctrinating a century’s worth of its territorial subjects in a stance that, contrary to their own oral histories, the Taíno people had actually been wiped out centuries ago, this curriculum asserted that Puerto Ricans therefore had no rightful Indigenous, historic claim over their colonized lands.

Those who resisted, remaining steadfast in a Taíno-centered identity despite enduring marginalization for doing so, have been officially vindicated by recent advances in DNA testing that can not only confirm Amerindian ancestry, but actually pinpoint Taíno-specific gene markers distinct from other Native populations across the Americas.

It is from this long suppressed history that La Borinqueña was born.’

Edgardo Miranda-Rodríguez

La Borinqueña is a Puerto Rican superhero who is Indigenous to Borikén – the original Taíno name for Puerto Rico, meaning “land of the noble people.” This comic is rooted in that history, of the Taínos. Like most Puerto Ricans today, she has both Indigenous and African ancestors; being what some would call an “Afro-Taína.” I also wanted a character that was unapologetically patriotic, and “La Borinqueña” is the name of Puerto Rico’s first national anthem, written by Lola Rodriguez de Tió.



“I’ll continue publishing a new book in this series every year and a half; next in June 2020. I’m doing this all myself, without the resources of a Marvel or a Disney to publish more frequently.

This series is primarily about connecting my activism to my love of comics, so instead of focusing energy around, say, making a movie, what I’m trying to create is a movement.”

Edgardo Miranda-Rodríguez

La Borinqueña by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

~~Published on Sep 28, 2016~~

Take a look at La Borinqueña created by Edgardo Miranda-Rodríguez, the Puerto-Rican comic book you’ve been waiting for

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La Borinqueña created by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez Facebook Page


La Borinqueña Twitter Feed


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