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It was beyond awful … ‘It was awful. I mean, Drumpf was Drumpf – a despicable human being incapable of relating to any aspect of life and the world around him except through a lens of how it affected HIM. He lied, he was arrogant, he denied reality, he asserted ‘facts’ that didn’t exist, he kicked his own acting Chief of Staff out of the Oval Office for coughing during the interview, he accused his so-called ‘enemies’ of treason, he maligned President Obama, he said the Director of the FBI was wrong in stating that political figures should report contacts from foreign nations who offer ‘dirt’ on political opponents, he claimed to be ‘an honest guy’, he insisted he had polling data that showed he was winning ‘everywhere’, he accused his former White House Counsel of lying under oath, and he complained that he’s been treated more unfairly than President Lincoln (who, it’s worth remembering, was shot in the back of the head).’


Interesting bits and pieces of the George Stephanopoulos interview with Comrade Trump had been scattered all over teh Intertubes over the last couple of days. So I decided to watch the interview on television.

Okay, I need to digress for a moment. I don’t watch a lot of television. I like television and I’d like to watch more of it, but there’s just so many other things to do. I watch a couple of hours of television a night (except, of course, when the World Cup is on; I watch the hell out of that). And when I say ‘television’ I generally mean something on Hulu or Netflix. I can’t recall the last time I watched a show on commercial network television. Until last night and the interview with Comrade Trump.

It was awful. I mean, Trump was Trump — a despicable human being incapable of relating to any aspect…

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In Full Sight Of Injustice

NEVER FORGET … “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” Thomas Jefferson …

Snippets of a Traveling Mind

Injustice – violation of the rights of others; unjust or unfair action or treatment.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”(Thomas Jefferson)

I live now in an era of troubling government times for my country. Why does heartless, family separation of immigrant families take place along American borders ? How can needy individuals with severe, medical preconditions be threatened with loss of vital, Obamacare coverage? Why are so many people in the U.S. disenfranchised from voting in elections? To what extent does violence spread across the country as a result of the daily hatred spews of our current, “Bully Pulpit” President?

With no surprise then, I’ve seen plenty of human injustice during the course of our U.S. road trips.  Clearly, any observations of egregious forms of unjust hatred, bigotry, and violence AT ANY TIME OR PLACE  cannot be denied or ignored. Exhibiting my typical interest in truthful representation…

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IOTD …. “✨ Images of the Day, Special Edition …. First Lady Michelle Obama ✨ …. “!!


~~June 17, 2019~~


On Friday, June 14, Drumpf likened his wife to the beloved former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, saying,

“We have our own Jackie O, it’s called Melania, Melania T.”



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Taylor Swift …. “🎼🏳️‍🌈 New Pride Anthem: VIDEO Dropped …. ‘You Need to Calm Down’ 🏳️‍🌈🎼 …. “!!


~~June 17, 2019~~


Just in time for Pride Month!

In her most political move yet.

Hats off!!

Thank you TeTe!!


Taylor Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down” is a pop anthem for equality and understanding

The singer debuted a new video for the song on “Good Morning America” Monday, June 17, in the midst of LGBTQ Pride Month and included a call to action.

“Let’s show our pride by demanding that, on a national level, our laws truly treat all our citizens equally,” reads an on-screen message at end of the video.

“Please sign my petition for Senate support of the Equality Act on Change.org.”

The Equality Act, if passed, would amend the Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The video features numerous celebrities who identify as LGBTQ, including Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Porter, RuPaul, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Adam Lambert, Todrick Hall, Hayley Kiyoko, Adam Rippon, Chester Lockhart, Dexter Mayfield, Hannah Hart, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness and Tan France to name a few.

Some are met by chanting protestors holding anti-gay signs.

Taylor Swift gives surprise Pride Month performance at the Stonewall Inn

The “You Need To Calm Down” video comes just days after Swift gave a surprise performance at the Stonewall Inn in New York City, an LGBTQ rights landmark.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


~~Premiered 5 hours ago … June 17, 2019~~

Music video by Taylor Swift performing “You Need To Calm Down” – off her upcoming new album “Lover” (out August 23).

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Something to Think About …. “🤔 Stop, Travel, Escape, Feel, Release …. TIME 🤔 …. “!!

~~June 17, 2019~~ 

Aging Gracefully Facebook Page


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IOTD …. “👑 Images of the Day …. First Royal Father’s Day …. Sussex 👑 …. “!!

~~June 17, 2019~~


Happy Father’s Day … 2019 … 💞 …. The stunning image shows the one-month-old trying to grasp Harry’s fingers with his tiny hands while being cradled by his dad.

Archie, who appears to be wearing a printed babygro, looks straight at the camera – perhaps at his mum behind the lens.

The pic is captioned:

“Happy Father’s Day! And wishing a very special first Father’s Day to The Duke of Sussex.”

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My Momoa Monday Moment …. “🌺 Collages, Collages, Collages 🌺 …. “!!

~~June 17, 2019~~ 


My Mondays have become a hunt for even better pictures of Jason. 

As if there were enough poses and photos here!! 

Feast for our female (and male) eyes!! 

(Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa is an American actor)



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Motivational Monday …. “💐 ‘Embrace Differences rather than Just Similarities’ 💐 …. “!!!

~~June 17, 2019~~

May we unite as ONE people. rather than many different clans. May we embrace one another for our differences, rather than just our similarities.

~April Peerless~


Spiritual Quotes Meditations & Beautiful Photographs Facebook Page


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From Bad To Worse …

Sorry to say … but may he burn in the fires of hell because of his hate, bigotry and intransigence!! … KEEP YOUR HATEFUL CHURCH, MAN!! … ‘“A person will only burn in their lust toward the same gender if they have been given over to a reprobate or rejected mind. God said homosexuality should be punished with the death penalty, as set forth in Leviticus 20:13. No homosexual will be allowed to attend or join All Scripture Baptist Church.”

Filosofa's Word

Grayson Fritts is a detective with the Knox County (Tennessee) Sheriff’s Office. Grayson FrittsMr. Fritts is also the pastor at the All Scripture Baptist Church.  On the church’s website

“A person will only burn in their lust toward the same gender if they have been given over to a reprobate or rejected mind. God said homosexuality should be punished with the death penalty, as set forth in Leviticus 20:13. No homosexual will be allowed to attend or join All Scripture Baptist Church.”

My jaw dropped, and my chest hurt … hot tears of rage … what sort of “religion” is this???

This is a clip from his June 2nd ‘sermon’ …

He goes on to say that “That’s the problem with law enforcement nowadays. They are chasing around cookie thieves, when the real animals are on floats rolling down Gay Street.” He also called for the government to send…

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