‘A Tale of Two WalMart Shootings’ …. “🤔 Remember? Notice a Difference? 🤔 …. “!!

Copied from a friend’s post:


On August 5, 2014, almost 5 years to the date, a young black man named John Crawford was shot and killed by security guards in an Ohio WAL-MART after a white person called 911. Apparently, the sight of a black man holding a BB gun while casually strolling the aisles of the store was terrifying. Crawford had reportedly been talking in a relaxed manner on his cell phone while carrying the BB gun that he picked up in the store, intending to purchase it.

The white person who saw Crawford carrying the BB gun immediately concluded that he was dangerous, even though that person must have known that BB guns were being sold in the store. When WAL MART security guards arrived on the scene, they shot Crawford in the back almost immediately.

Contrast that to what happened today in an El Paso, Texas WAL MART.

19 year-old Patrick Crusius walked into the El Paso WAL MART today carrying an actual AK-47 assault rifle. Yet this was not enough for any white person in that store to become alarmed or think he was dangerous.

And even though Crusius went aisle-by-aisle methodically through the store, mowing down adults, children and infants, bodies and blood everywhere, people running for their lives, El Paso police or whoever else was summoned to the scene managed to capture him alive.”