IOTD …. “😢 Image of the Day, #796 …. I Lost My ‘Dad’ 😢 …. “!!

~~August 30, 2019~~ 


In a depiction of a loss of a parent, Baby Groot also illustrates how Earth losses its ‘members’.

Sad reality


In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the anthropomorphic tree-man Groot is no longer the towering, full-sized version voiced by Vin Diesel in the first film, but rather a pint-sized pipsqueak known as Baby Groot. This is because [clears throat for spoilers] according to writer and director James Gunn, the Groot we knew is dead. At the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot wraps his tree-limbs into a sturdy wooden bubble to protect his pals as their ship falls from the sky.

When it crashes, he shatters into a pile of kindling.

His friends mourn, his partner Rocket plucks a twig from the wreckage, and regrows Groot into a dancing sprout. By the end of the second Guardians movie, Baby Groot is growing up.


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Impacting Images …. “😢 ‘Parallel Worlds’ …. Truth of Lives 😢 …. “!!

~~August 30, 2019~~


I woke up this morning to this Facebook video as I traversed the web. Needless to say, I’m still looking at it and processing the full meaning of these powerful images. We think we have problems, we think we have a hard time.

Watch the contrast of perception.

This video illustrates reality!! 


“Our generation has no great war in their lives. Our war is the truth. Living with the truth can bring enlightenment to our lives
The truth is our five senses are always attracted to outward world.
The attraction towards the outward world is higher than the attraction towards the inward world.
This the first and foremost Truth of life.
The reason that we want to be relieved on this outward world is we are never satisfied with the outward world attraction. The more you get into the outward attraction, you feels that you do not get much from it, so automatically you have a tremendous difficulty in leaving it.
This is the first Truth of life.”

‘Truth of Lives Facebook Page’

Search on Facebook and you will find it!

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