Friday Fun Facts …. “🤣 LEGOs a’swimming …. Off the Corwall Sea 🤣 …. “!!


~~September 6, 2019~~

Now I’m scared to take a walk on the beach


The Cornish beaches where Lego keeps washing up

A container filled with millions of Lego pieces fell into the sea off Cornwall in 1997. But instead of remaining at the bottom of the ocean, they are still washing up on Cornish beaches today – offering an insight into the mysterious world of oceans and tides.

It is one of 353,264 plastic daisies dropped into the sea on 13 February 1997, when the container ship Tokyo Express was hit by a wave described by its captain as a “once in a 100-year phenomenon”, tilting the ship 60 degrees one way, then 40 degrees back.

As a result, 62 containers were lost overboard about 20 miles off Land’s End – and one of them was filled with nearly 4.8m pieces of Lego, bound for New York.


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