IOTD …. “👑 Images of the Day, Very Special Edition …. Land Mines in Huambo, Angola 👑 …. “!!

~~September 27, 2019~~


Carrying his Mother’s legacy, Prince Harry walks the talk in Huambo, Angola. Carrying the torch for Princess Diana.



Prince Harry visited the site in Huambo, which has become a “bustling community” since Diana’s campaign.

Wearing body armor, he also visited a partially-cleared minefield nearby and set off a controlled explosion.

Diana captured global attention when she walked through the live minefield in 1997.

She never lived to see the full impact of her visit – such as the signing of an international treaty to outlaw the weapons – as she died later that year.

Retracing his mother’s footsteps in central Angola, Prince Harry is being escorted by the British landmine clearance charity the Halo Trust, which also accompanied Diana on her visit.

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As The Whistle Blows

A day to remember … Sept. 26, 2019!! … ‘Yesterday was a day that should be studied … but all that will be seen is the attacks and the babble’ …

In Saner Thought

A new opportunity for the grand standing politicians that do love to act up for the cameras.

It is that call to Ukraine by Pres. Trump and someone in the intel service found it disturbing and wrote to his IG….you are caught up with this saga……..and now we have the rest of the story….

We begin the saga with the transcript of the accusation……

Wednesday brought the release of a rough transcript of President Trump’s call with Ukraine’s leader. Thursday brings the release of the nine-page whistleblower report that followed. Read it for yourself here. It makes two central allegations: that President Trump asked a foreign leader to interfere in the 2020 election on his behalf, and that alarmed White House officials then tried to “lock down” all records of the call. Details:

  • Interference: “In the course of my official duties, I have received information from multiple US government…

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Margaret Atwood, the Author, the Woman …. “📚 ‘Getting to Know More About Her’ 📚 …. “!!

~~September 27, 2019~~


I’m fascinated by this exemplary woman. She may not want to be considered to be an icon but in my view she is. The more I look, the more I find … the more I like.

I ‘ll have to start reading more of her other books.


~~Published January 14, 2016~~

Iconic Author Margaret Atwood on Abortion, Twitter, and Predicting Everything We’re Doing Wrong

Margaret Atwood is one of a few writers who defy categorization. Published in over 35 countries, the award-winning Canadian author is as beloved by critics as she is high school students, as prolific with novels as she is her tweets. Her experiments in narrative, form, and genre – as well as her poet’s ear for prose – have persisted throughout her decades-long career, and they foreground an explicit yet elegant execution of progressive politics: Atwood is an avowed environmentalist and an advocate of women’s rights (though she bristles at being called a “feminist” outright). Alongside all this is a persistent, clear-eyed examination of sex and the relationships between men and women, as well as a playful sense of humor and discovery; although she’s well-known for her novels like The Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx and Crake, she’s also patented “remote writing technology” in the form of the LongPen and written a book to be published in 2114.

We recently sat down with Atwood to discuss her long, varied career, the state of women’s rights today, and whether she’s noticed that speculative fiction books she published in the 80’s have started coming true.

~~Published November 25, 2015~~

10 Quirky Facts About Margaret Atwood

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Friday Fun Facts …. “🐁 ‘Mortimer Mouse’? …. Really? 🐁 …. “!!


~~September 27, 2019~~


Remember when you found out Lorde’s real name (Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor) or Lady Gaga‘s given moniker (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta)? Well, prepare yourself, because you’re about to learn the true identity of another international icon: Mickey Mouse.

That’s right – the rodent we’ve all come to know and love as Mickey was originally known by another name. And sure, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet and all that, but could you really imagine a world where Mickey was known as . . . Mortimer?


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To Impeach, Or Not To Impeach?

#Whistleblowergate … #Impeach45 … Transcript and Whistleblower Complaint … both here!!

By Hook Or By Book


You all may have noticed that Washington D.C. since late last week, has been rocked by #Whistleblowergate. If you haven’t been following me long and wonder what my feelings are, the above graphic might provide a hint. You may be surprised that until now I actually have been resistant to calls for impeachment. Although I personally think the Mueller Report provided ample evidence of obstruction of justice, for me it wasn’t worth tearing this country further apart. Now however, things have changed. As evidenced from the summary of Mr. Trump’s phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, it’s obvious that he was dangling the release of foreign aid in return for reopening the investigation into Joe Biden and his son. This. Is. Not Normal. You do not extort a foreign government’s aid in digging up dirt on a potential presidential rival. And it’s obvious that officials who were privy to…

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this is how I would…

‘The startled blue heron erupts out of its long-legged
inwardness and flies low to the pond over its
shadow. My eye flickers between its great sweep’ … and more!!
Nils Peterson, “Blue Heron” from All the Marvelous Stuff (2019).

Live & Learn

The startled blue heron erupts out of its long-legged
inwardness and flies low to the pond over its
shadow. My eye flickers between its great sweep

of wing and its blurred mirror motion almost white
in the pond’s sky-shine. At the end of each wingbeat,
the long body dips toward its rising shadow. Now

the heron settles back down onto itself as far away
from me as the pond allows and I finish my walk half gangly,
half graceful thinking if I were a bird, this is how I’d fly.

~ Nils Peterson, “Blue Heron” from All the Marvelous Stuff(2019)

Notes: Poem via 3quarks Daily. Blue Heron photo: Pennington

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