Rachel Maddow …. “📚 BLOWOUT: Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia and the Richest, Most Destructive Industry on Earth 📚 …. “!!

~~October 6, 2019~~


I’m an avid fan of Rachel Maddow.

I first learned about her when she was working in radio on ‘Air America‘, a progressive radio show. Eleven years ago, she made it to television, MSNBC.

In these dark times, she’s the one who keeps me sane and yet concerned and quite terrified for the future of this nation.

She mentioned to Joy Reid that this is not ‘ beach reading’ .

I received my copy and will soon start my required reading.

In the meantime, Rachel was interviewed by Lawrence O’Donnell – two individuals who I admire very much.

It was an amazing and enlightening interview.

Check it out below!


Here’s my stash! … HortyRex©

~~Published October 5, 2019~~

Rachel Maddow joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss her new book, “Blowout,” which looks at the corruption of the oil and gas industry and what she learned about Putin and Russia in her research.

Aired on 10/04/19.

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F or those who don’t know and may be interested … Rachel suffered a fall 3 months ago. She tore several ligaments on her Lt. ankle … accompanied by an avulsion fracture. In spite of this, she continues her unstoppable journey as a TV political show host, as an author, a beloved figure and guiding light for these troubled times!


Margaret Atwood …. “📚 Author Reads from ‘The Testaments’ 📚 …. “!!

~~October 6, 2019~~


It’s the long awaited sequel to ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘, written in 1985. It only took 30 years to be written!

I finished reading my copy.

Amazing writing!

I can’t wait for the book to be adapted as a continuation of the Hulu series.

Here’s a sample of the author herself reading from her new book.


Hear Margaret Atwood’s Exclusive Reading Of ‘The Testaments’

Margaret Atwood‘s classic dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale ended on a cliffhanger: The rebellious handmaid Offred stepping into a mysterious black van, on her way to freedom – or to arrest.

Handmaids are in the public eye again thanks to the hit TV series – and the frequent appearance of silent, red-robed protesters at political events. Now, Atwood is returning to the world of Gilead, the repressive theocracy she created out of the ruins of present-day America. The Testaments opens 15 years after the events of the first book, and follows an old familiar character as well as introducing some new voices.

As for what happens to Offred … well, no spoilers here.

~~Published September 10, 2019~~

Almost 35 years after The Handmaid’s Tale was published Margaret Atwood came to Waterstones to launch its sequel, The Testaments. Here’s a taste of an incredible evening when authors, activists and readers came together to celebrate her remarkable legacy

~~Published September 9, 2019~~

The perfect conclusion to an evening celebrating the work and impact of Margaret Atwood saw her reading from ‘The Testaments‘, the long-awaited sequel to the ‘Handmaid’s Tale‘, as the clock approached midnight.

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Bursting The 25th Amendment Bubble …

But what about Amendment 25? … hoping? … ‘I’m sorry to burst that bubble … I know how badly you need hope right now, for I need it too. But, what we don’t need is false hope. Amendment 25 simply ain’t gonna happen in the foreseeable future.’

Filosofa's Word

I have been asked numerous times of late about the possibility of using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.  Folks, believe me when I tell you that I want the madman gone just as much as you do, but I’m not going to give you false hope.  The odds of the 25th being used to remove Trump are almost as good as the odds that I will sprout wings and fly.  I addressed this topic just over a year ago, but I think it’s time I revisit it, perhaps with a bit more detail.

The 25th Amendment, Section IV reads …

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives…

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An interview with Putin in 2035

Sadly … it could all be true if there’s no action now!! This part definitely was: ‘Having a US leader we could influence was good.’


Good morning. This is Natalia Smirnov with Fox/ RT News. I am here with Tsar Vladimir Putin in the first of a series of interviews looking back on his career. Good morning Comrade Tsar.

Q – Comrade Tsar, what do you see as your greatest achievement?
A – I believe the reconstitution of the New Soviet Republic. We are once again a country of great importance.

Q – What were the key events leading to this ascension?
A – Clearly, the fall of a united west was most critical, but that took a lot of planning. I also believe our alliance with China helped show the world that we are the future.

Q – You mention a lot of planning, what do you mean by that?
A – It took proactive and reactive planning to accomplish our goals without using military might. My training allowed us to take advantage of…

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Sunday Sweet Sermon … “🙏🏽 ‘Love Reveals So Much’ 🙏🏽 …. “!!

~~October 6, 20119~~


Love reveals the highest potential in each moment.

The Love Foundation Facebook Page


Harold W. Becker 


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Miracle. All of it.

POEM … so much more!! … ‘You have this day, and maybe another, and maybe still another.’ Mary Oliver, from “To Begin With, the Sweet Grass” in Evidence: Poems.

Live & Learn

All I can tell you is what I know.

Look, and look again.
This world is not just a little thrill for the eyes.

It’s more than bones.
It’s more than the delicate wrist with its personal pulse.
It’s more than the beating of the single heart.
It’s praising.
It’s giving until the giving feels like receiving.
You have a life – just imagine that
You have this day, and maybe another, and maybe
still another.

– Mary Oliver, from “To Begin With, the Sweet Grass” in Evidence: Poems


  • Poem – Thank you Beth @ Alive on All Channels. Art print: Heart of Aspens by Michael Zheng
  • Post title Inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

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