Miss Puerto Rico’s Giant Flower Dress

THE GOWN … ‘The gown – created by fashion designer Joshuan Aponte in collaboration with a great team of craftsmen – replicates the national flower of the country, Puerto Rico’s hibiscus, and it’s simply a work of art.’

Repeating Islands

UntitledSouth African contestant Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Miss Universe on Sunday night at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Runners-up were Madison Anderson Berríos representing Puerto Rico and Miss Mexico, Sofía Aragón. When I saw the news, I looked up bits from the pageant and was blown away by Miss Puerto Rico’s choice for the national costume section. As much as I have laughed at the extravagance and surrealism of some of these costumes, there was something about this specific outfit that “got to me.” Perhaps it resonated with the destruction of flora and fauna after Hurricane María (not to mention all the human dangers hacking away at the natural world). I was amazed at the ingenuity of designer Joshuan Aponte, whose creation centered on the Puerto Rican hibiscus and the golden coqui. (Little did I know that the dress included audio effects to sound like our beloved coquí.) Here…

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To honor the legacy of Angelo Falcón: fight for a fair US Census

Get educated! … We ALL should count!! … ‘For nearly half a century, Angelo Falcón fought nobly and tirelessly for the Puerto Rican and Latino community. One of his main battlefields was the US Census.’


War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

For nearly half a century, Angelo Falcón fought nobly and tirelessly for the Puerto Rican and Latino community.  One of his main battlefields was the US Census.

Here is why:

Last year (2018) the US federal government spent $4.11 trillion. A large amount of this spending, nearly $1 trillion,is determined and directed by the US Census.

Next year (2020) the US Census will be conducted online…for the first time ever, in US history. While this offers a potential for better enumeration of Latinos and minority populations, it also creates a tremendous risk…

Of well-funded, highly organized, targeted hacking of US Census digital operations, which could deeply undercount millions of Latinos throughout the country. This would systematically deprive Latinos of trillions…of TRILLIONS of dollars over the next ten years.

If you think that TRILLIONS of dollars is not enough to motivate a widespread fraud against Latinos – a fraud that…

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A New Batch Of Snarky Snippets … Grrrrr!!

“Make America great again, says Mr. Trump? I think not … I think he has placed the United States in the worst light it has been in in all of its 232 years.” … my dearest friend … I’m in total agreement and beyond disappointed!!

Filosofa's Word

There are a number of relatively minor things that have cropped up in the last couple of days with seemingly the sole purpose of stirring my ire.  So … you know what that means … it must be time for some snarky snippets, yes?

Let’s start with Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and some speculate next vice-presidential running mate for Trump in 2020.  As governor, I had a great deal of respect for Ms. Haley.  As ambassador, I had less, for she fell in line with Trump’s ideology, if he can be said to actually have one.  She became one of his sycophants, and I lost much of my respect for her.Nikki-Haley.jpgSo, why is she raising my hackles today?  Well … last Friday she was being interviewed in a podcast on conservative Glenn Beck’s radio program.  One segment of the…

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