James Corden …. “❄️Crosswalk the Musical: Frozen 2 ❄️…. LOL! …. “!!

~~December 26, 2019~~


Winter wonderland, music, fun and talent. All combined for a laugh and very much needed lighthearted moment.

Hope you enjoy it!



Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff joined the CBS late-night host in singing hits from the Disney animated film and its sequel during Wednesday’s episode of ‘The Late Late Show.’

James Corden got competitive with Idina Menzel in The Late Late Show‘s latest edition of “Crosswalk the Musical.”

The cast celebrated the final performance by cheering and hugging, while Corden told Menzel that he had let go of his hope of playing Elsa.

After the performers took their final bows, Corden tried to make plans with the cast then left him behind as he sang, “The cold never bothered me anyway!”.



~~Published November 20, 2019~~

James invites the cast of “Frozen 2” to the intersection of Beverly Blvd. and Genesee Av. in Los Angeles for a very special live performance of their hit film. After a showdown with Idina Menzel for the role of Elsa, a costume she’s never actually worn, the cast comes together to put together a production that will definitely change the landscape of animated feature films.

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‘Minuscule’ …. “🚗 Spider Driver …. Araignée au Volant, Catastrophe au Tournant 🚗 …. “!!


~~December 26, 2019~~

Found another cute, funny one.

A spider is trying out a miniature toy car when a bus full of flies hits it. The flies are clearly looking for trouble.

A ladybug comes to save the day, happy to give a lesson to these troublemakers.

Just love these little guys … very addictive they are … truly in love with this.


MINUSCULE revolves around the day-to-day existence of insects which are presented in burlesque situations, with a fair amount of philosophical contemplation thrown in.

A cross between a Tex Avery cartoon and a National Geographic documentary!

~~Published September 5, 2019~~

A ladybug comes to save the day, happy to give a lesson to these troublemakers. The spider decides … doesn’t need the item.




‘Minuscule’ …. “🎄 Brooms Sweep …. Coup de Balais 🎄 …. “!!

~~December 26, 2019~~


I use to follow this series and posted some of their adventures here.

Maybe it’s time to resume.

This one is kinda ‘Christmasy’ in spirit!



Wasps pinch a carrot from a snowman and unwittingly annoy a centipede. The official channel of the cartoon and the movie Minuscule.

MINUSCULE revolves around the day-to-day existence of insects which are presented in burlesque situations, with a fair amount of philosophical contemplation thrown in.

A cross between a Tex Avery cartoon and a National Geographic documentary !



~~Published December 26, 2019~~

Puerto Rico …. “🇵🇷 Seven Natural Wonders …. My Country is Beyond Amazing 🇵🇷 …. “!!

~~December 26, 2019~~


My country is beyond amazing!

I found this video this morning and I was mesmerized watching. My heart was beating fast and I felt chills. I was taken by the beauty presented in it. I must confess I knew most but not all of them.

To any English speaking readers, I will try to summarize the most important information. Take a visual trip along with the video producers.


The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has over 143 islands, cays, islets, and atolls. Only the main island of Puerto Rico (3,363 sq mi) and the islands of Vieques (51 sq mi), and Culebra (10 sq mi) are inhabited. …

The other 140 islands, cays, islets and atolls are not inhabited.

I’m so proud of being “BORICUA”!!


“El Yunque Rain Forest”

This is the rain forest that has the richest ecological diversity. It’s been recognized by the United Nations as a “Natural Biosphere Reserve“, as heritage belonging to humanity.

“Guánica Dry Forest”

One of the most important ecosystems in the world. Only 1% of these remain mature in the planet. Also recognized by the United Nations as a ‘National Biosphere Reserve“, as heritage to humanity.

“The Coral Reef Wall”

Reef corals make up 1% of the world’s oceans. Of all of them, Puerto Rico’s has the biggest ecological value, mostly the southwest coast of the Island. Puerto Rico is one of few places in the world where scientific studies are conducted in this field.

“Natural Reserve of Mona Island and Monito Islet”

One of the most important ecosystem in the Caribe area. It has diverse species, crystalline waters, cave system, Taíno art and extraordinary reefs. It’s a priceless natural sanctuary.

“Bio-luminescent Bays and Lagoons”

Emission of visible light by a live organism. They emit light when the water is agitated. It’s a relatively rare phenomenon in nature. It’s a constant phenomenon in Puerto Rico. The Island’s waters have been classified as zones of higher concentration and bioluminescent activity in the world.

“Karso Norteño

It’s a natural, complex system including topography, caves, the soil, vegetation, fauna and more. 12% of the earth is covered in this type of land. Puerto Rico has one of the better examples of this type of geology. There are extensive cave systems and underground rivers.

“The Puerto Rican Trench”

This is a huge submarine canyon with an immense mountainous chain. It’s a unique geological formation that is much larger than the Gran Canyon in Colorado. It’s one of the deepest areas in our planet and the deepest of the Atlantic Ocean.

~~Published July 26, 2014~~

Puerto Rico es la cuna de fascinantes maravillas naturales. Conocer su enorme valor nos ayuda a conocer un componente importantísimo de lo que significa ser Boricua.

Puerto Rico is our home. It’s the location of miles and miles of unique life forms. Knowing its enormous value helps us understand an extremely important component of what it means to be BORICUA!!

Happy Boxing Day!!! – Reduxed Again

HAPPY BOXING DAY!! … ‘Anyway, please join me in wishing all our friends in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK the very Happiest Boxing Day!!’
… thanks for sharing, dearest one!!

Filosofa's Word

I know, I know … this is the same Boxing Day post I used last year … and the year before.  But, as I pondered doing a new one, I realized that this one pretty much covers all the bases, and some of you are new to Filosofa’s Word in the last year, and likely the rest of you have forgotten this one anyway!  I have added a few comments from last year’s post that I found interesting and that added context for those of us on this side of the pond.  Plus, there is the tiny matter of the fact that I am knackered, as my Brit friends would say … tee-totally exhausted as we say on this side of the pond.  Every year, I try to do too much, and every year I promise myself not to do that next year, and every year I do it again. …

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IOTD …. “🎅 Images of the Day, Special Edition …. the Day After, a Gallery 🎅 …. “!!

~~December 26, 2019~~


“I’m done! It was a long trip … all over the world. Back at the North Pole, the elves are in charge. What’s the name of the ‘head boss’, I keep forgetting. Anyway, I’m going to a warm place … to the beach!!”



#TBT …. “ThrowBack Thursday …. 💞 Real Life Progression 💞 …. “!!

~~December 26, 2019~~


From the day of her blessing at a few months old to current times.


From this to … a teenage, young woman!


” It is amazing to see grandparents and grandchildren form strong bonds despite the age difference between them.

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Thursday Thoughts …. “🙏🏽 ‘The Longest Journey … is Really Short 🙏🏽 …. “!!


~~December 26, 2019~~


The year is almost over. This journey is ending. It’s been a tough one is so many aspects. Let’s aim for this shortest journey in the coming new year.



~~On Wings Of Hope Facebook Page~~


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Lightly child, lightly

I didn’t know … Post Title & Inspiration: Aldous Huxley: “It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.”
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Live & Learn

I want to record these first sounds of our trip together, maybe because they feel like the last sounds of something. But at the same time I don’t, because I don’t want to interfere with my recording; I don’t want to turn this particular moment of our lives together into a document for a future archive. If I could only, simply, underline certain things with my mind, I would: this light coming in through the kitchen window, flooding the entire cottage in a golden warmth as I prepare the coffeemaker; this soft breeze blowing in through the open door and brushing past my legs as I turn on the stove; that sound of footsteps—feet little, bare, and warm—as the girl gets out of bed and approaches me from behind, announcing: Mama, I woke up!

~ Valeria Luiselli, Lost Children Archive: A Novel 


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