Driving I-95 N. Free the Bird in the Net.

Wow!! Set her free … please!!

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Cervical spondylosis, was his diagnosis. December 19th. And the start of 30 days of physical therapy.

And a maniacal routine of daily stretching exercises. And tracking the activity on an IOS App. Because that’s how Obsessive’s roll.

The slow heal arrives. Then Relief.  And the bliss of pain-free days. Ah yes, Youth returns. A few days of lolling in Full Gratitude…I’m as Good as new!

This is followed by the suspension of physical therapy. The total cessation of daily stretching supplements. And the IOS App is dumped into a folder with other apps left to Die.

Then we have a slow roll back to habits, to Life, to Work, and The Return to Sedentary World.

It’s late yesterday afternoon. The commute home. I gently turn my neck to check for traffic in my blind spot, and find its motion restricted, followed by a lightning dart down the shoulder…

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Prince Harry records Song with Bon Jovi …. 🎼 ‘UNBROKEN’ … To Be of Service 🎼 …. “!!

~~February 29, 2020~~



You know that I love Harry. I’ve followed him since he was born!!

That says a lot.

l’ll follow him wherever he and his family go!

In these days of personal change for him and his wife, he continues to be the beautiful soul that he is.

One of His Final Official Royal Duties

Take a look!


Prince Harry joined Jon Bon Jovi at Abbey Road Studios in London on Friday as the singer recorded a charity single to support the foundation that oversees the Invictus Games – a multinational sports event for sick and injured servicemen.

Bon Jovi was re-recording his 2019 single “Unbroken’’ in aid of the foundation that oversees the sporting event founded by Harry. The song was created to shine a spotlight on veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The pair were seen in a recording booth wearing headphones. Bon Jovi had a guitar.

“We’ve been garglin next door, so we are ready to go”, Harry told and engineer.

The event is one of the last official engagements undertaken by Prince Harry, who has announced that he’s stepping back from royal duties next month.

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~~Published November 1, 2019~~

Unbroken Music and Lyrics By: Jon Bon Jovi Written for the film “To Be Of Service”

Prince Harry records song with Bon Jovi at Beatles’ Abbey Road Studios (BEHIND THE SCENES)

Full story!!

Prince Harry visited Abbey Road Studios where he met with American singer-songwriter Jon Bon Jovi.

The Duke of Sussex and Bon Jovi were recording elements of a song with the Invictus Games Choir, a re-release of Bon Jovi’s Unbroken. They then recreated the iconic Beatles album cover on Abbey Road with members of the Invictus Games Choir.

Open Letter To The Three Stooges

You three are FIDIOTS, utterly useless clown who deserve nothing but a case of ‘CORONA’ … ‘You, gentlemen, are definitely NOT doing anything to be a part of the solution, so please step aside and let the adults attempt to safeguard the people of this nation.’

Filosofa's Word

Dear Messrs. Donald Trump, John Michael (Mick) Mulvaney, and Michael Huckabee,

There is a time for having fun, a time for jokes and humour.  However, there is also a time to be serious.  I read with horror this morning Mr. Mulvaney’s comments, obviously intended to be funny, claiming that the reason the media was reporting extensively on the spread of the coronavirus was to try to “take down” Donald Trump.

If I took your comments seriously, Mr. Mulvaney, I would have asked you if, then, the entire world was attempting to “take down” Trump, since media outlets worldwide are providing continual coverage and updates on the spread of this illness.  But I realized that nobody with any sense would make such a statement except in jest, so while it annoyed me, I let it ride.

Then later in the day you, Mr. Trump, came along and made the same claim…

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Happy Caturday …. “🐱 Frida’s a Bit under the Weather 🐱 …. “!!

~~February 29, 2020~~


We were gone for 10 days. We left someone in charge of our cats. Seems that the didn’t notice that her eyes were red and ‘drippy’.

Took her to the vet yesterday. Eye Drops were prescribed. She seems to be improving slowly.


(Yes … the Xmas tree is still up!)


‘Generations: A Family Affair’ …. “Steven McCurry’s Blog …. Collection of Pictures and Quotes …. “!!

L1030690-1.psd, Havana, Cuba, 10/2019, Leica, CUBA-10452 Retouched_Morgan Shortell 11/03/2019

~~February 28, 2020~~


This is one of my favorite blogs. I’m not able to reblog like I was before. I find his photography so amazing, so real, so human … I always like to share.

Hore you enjoy it.

The link to the original blog is included.


AFRICA-10198, South Africa, March, 2009, Final print_Novartis, Mlfeleni Clinic and Surgery Khayalitsha, SOUTH_AFRICA-10021NF. Mother and Daughter. COLOR VERSION CAPTION: Mother and Child at a Clinic. Cape Town, South Africa, 2009. Retouched_Phil Cifone, Emily Rogers 02/14/2020

Generations pass like leaves fall from our family tree.

Each season new life blossoms and grows benefiting from the strength and experience of those who went before.

00424_15, Baluchistan, Pakistan, 06/1981, BALUCHISTAN-10003. Father and his daughters sitting inside their home. retouched_Ekaterina Savtsova, Emily Rogers 10/17/2017, Phil Cifone 01/13/2020

In truth a family is what you make it. It is made strong, not by number of heads counted at the dinner table, but by the rituals you help family members create, by the memories you share, by the commitment of time, caring, and love you show to one another, and by the hopes for the future you have as individuals and as a unit.

~Marge Kennedy~

02083_01, Afghan Border, Afghanistan, 12/1984, AFGHN-14317. Afghan family walks with loaded camels. retouched_Ekaterina Savtsova 05/22/2015

Steven McCurry’s Blog
Steve’s body of work spans conflicts, vanishing cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary culture alike – yet always retains the human element.



Make No Mistake, The Coronavirus Is Coming To The USA/ It’s Only A Matter Of When

Very interesting and complete post … worth a read!! Sharing …
“The best thing you can do to prevent all sorts of illnesses, Messonnier said, is “wash your hands, cover your cough, take care of yourself, and keep alert to the information that we’re providing.”
“You’ll also want to protect yourself from financial losses related to travel. If you’re thinking about a trip in the coming months, make sure you’re comfortable with the cancellation policy on your tickets and consider paying extra for a flexible fare.’

Gronda Morin

Any talking points regarding the discounting of the future effects of the coronavirus on the American peoples emanating out of the White House is a lie. This is what happens when the USA has a commander-in-chief who’s an open ignoramus regarding any subject of a scientific nature.

This coronavirus (nCoV) will eventually be widespread in the USA. What’s needed to best protect the health of those who live in the USA, are specific suggestions/ planned steps as to how to mitigate for its inevitable negative effects. The initial stages mimic an attack similar to typical flu symptoms which can cause carriers to discount any imminent danger at an early stage. It’s highly contagious with the fatality rate being higher than the normal winter flu at about 2%.

One step would be for the White House and the FDA to allow those states which follow or surpass the established protocols set…

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It’s been a long day

We see what is coming … ‘This is called the incredulity response. “Those who live move,” he says … Jenny Offill, Weather: A Novel (Knopf, February 11, 2020).

Live & Learn

That night on the show, there’s an expert giving advice about how to survive disasters, natural and man-made. He says it’s a myth that people panic in emergencies. Eighty percent just freeze. The brain refuses to take in what is happening. This is called the incredulity response. “Those who live move,” he says.

~ Jenny Offill, Weather: A Novel (Knopf, February 11, 2020)

Notes:  Photo: Nirav Patel.  Related Posts: It’s been a long day

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Baby Yoda and Mando …. “🚀 Being a Good Daddy 🚀…. “!!

~~February 27, 2020~~


After a day like the days we are currently living, anything light-hearted is more than welcome.

Here is another Baby Yoda cuteness video.




The Child, colloquially referred to as “Baby Yoda” by fans and the media, is a fictional character from the Star Wars Disney+ original television series The Mandalorian.

He is a member of the same alien species as Yoda, a popular character from the Star Wars films. 


~~Published February 27, 2020~~

Back with a new Mandalorian video.

Enjoy Mando being a father to Baby Yoda with subtitles!