‘Every Name is a Story’ …. “☕️ Starbucks LGBT+ Channel 4 Diversity Award 2019 ☕️ …. “!!

~~February 3, 2020~~


Wow! Take a look … it’s all in a name.

How important is your name? How do you identify with it?

It’s the same for all!



Starbucks unveils winning ad for Channel 4’s Diversity in Advertising award

Launched last night, February 2, on Channel 4, Starbucks’ winning entry #whatsyourname follows the journey of James – who is transitioning – trying out his new name in Starbucks (the brand is well-known for scrawling the names of its customers on coffee cups).

The ad shows James quietly enduring a string of everyday encounters involving his birth name Jemma – including GP appointments, receiving post, and family occasions – but it’s in Starbucks that he can choose what he calls himself.

The ad was created by Iris – pipping the likes of adam&eveDDB to the prize this year – and will be accompanied by a series of ‘moving portraits’ involving real-life stories of trans people deciding on their new names. The campaign comes off the back of research that shows trans people only star in 0.3% of ads, despite forming roughly 1% of the public and arrives at a time where transphobic attitudes remain prevalent.



~~Published February 2, 2020~~

At Starbucks, writing your name on a cup and calling it out is a symbol of our warm welcome. It’s a small gesture, but it’s symbolic of what we believe in: Recognition and acceptance, whoever you are, or want to be.

We welcome everyone.  

#SuperBowl2020 …. “💫 Halftime Show: Separated Families Center Stage 💫 …. “!!

~~February 3, 3030~~


I was completely impressed and delighted as I watched the halftime show. The more I read about it, the more I like it.

I must confess that I missed many of the little details that are coming to our consciousness. The more details I learn about, the more I admire J-Lo. her talent, her personality, her values and the subtle ways that were used to make this an important message in so many ways.

KUDOS, J-Lo, Shakira and company!

Congrats on a job beyond well done.



Yet another Twitter user added, “The cages, the American flags on the kids sweaters, the Puerto Rico flag on the stage, so much imagery!”

To this, another person added, “And my favorite, reminding all, Born in the U.S.A. … Proudly and loudly sung …”

Knowing all of this now, I invite you to go back and re-watch the Super Bowl halftime performance in its entirety – and see it in a whole new light.



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My Momoa Monday Moment, #3 …. “🎂 Inside my Surprise 40th Birthday 🎂 …. “!!

~~February 3, 2020~~

Mondays continue to be a hunt for Momoa info and pics.

~~February 3, 3030~~


More Momoa today.

Found this video this afternoon and didn’t want to wait until next Monday so, here I share it with you.

What a beautiful celebration. I LOVE that he called his wife to show her the festivities.

Happy Birthday!!


Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa is an American actor. He played Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe, beginning with the 2016 superhero film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and in the 2017 ensemble Justice League and his 2018 solo film Aquaman.

In Baywatch Hawaii, he portrayed lifeguard Jason Ioane.

Wikipedia Born: August 1, 1979

~~Published July 28, 2019~~

Mada got me!!

He wasn’t the only one surprised, can’t believe he’s 40.

He looks great.

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My Momoa Monday Moment, #2 …. “🌺 SuperBowl 2020 Commercial 🌺 …. “!!

~~February 3, 2020~~


Mondays continue to be a hunt for Momoa info and pics. I just found something quite interesting which I missed during SuperBowl 2020.

Funny, eerie, weird … yet, total Momoa!



Watch Jason Momoa get super comfortable at home in our 2020 Super Bowl commercial. Behind the muscles and hair is just a guy trying to relax at home – the one place he can truly be himself. With Rocket Mortgage®, you’ll get award-winning customer service and a home buying experience centered around you, so you can be as comfortable financing your home as you are living in it.

~~Published February 2, 2020~~

With Rocket Mortgage®, you’ll get award-winning customer service and a home buying experience centered around you, so you can be as comfortable financing your home as you are living in it.

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#SuperBowl2020 Halftime Show …. Naysayers …. “💫 Can’t Please Everyone ALL the Time 💫 …. “!!

~~February 3, 2020~~


As I’ve said before, I’m not a football fan. I don’t watch the game; usually not even the ads. When I do watch, it’s for the halftime show.

That’s what I did yesterday.

I must also say that I was quite partial to this one because of the powerful Latinas who were featured. The extra talent (Bad Bunny, J Balvin and Emme) was icing on the cake.

When J-Lo displayed her feathered ‘coat’ and proudly showed the Puerto Rican flag, I felt chills!

As you probably know, many details of their performance didn’t sit well with some of the ‘real’ Americans, conservative ‘christians’ and the like. For me the ‘last straw’ was wondering why J-Lo was displaying the Cuban flag!!

I was going to let the issue go without any kind of response but, recently a friend has been telling me that, silence is complicity so here goes …


If it doesn’t, just read and go on!

🤨 … to ignorant, uneducated, racist, white crackers, (some inbred and toothless), Drumpf supporters who decry the presence of the ‘Cuban’ flag (NEWS FLASH: it wasn’t. It was the Puerto Rican flag), in your beloved, macho, ‘patriotic’, testosterone-filled ritual which was overshadowed by incredibly talented, Spanish-speaking (bilingual) Latin performers, bringing cultural treasures, celebrating diversity, sisterhood and feminism: it would serve you better if you attempt to get educated, know other flags in addition to the American one and learn a second language (if you have the intelligence – which I doubt), you deplorable dorks! … 🤨

(did I leave anything out?)


Puerto Rico’s flag is not Cuban, Puerto Ricans are ‘born in the USA,’ and kids are still in cages

The Superbowl is an American ritual, and there are some people who tune in, not for the football, but for the commercials or the half-time show.

Count me in, as one of the latter.

Denise Oliver Velez

Daily Kos (02/03/2020)

The half time show, proved to be a venue for more ignorant responses from MAGAs and xenophobes to be displayed to the world.

I was curious what the public reaction would be to a show featuring two Latina superstars, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez, who is known as J.Lo. So while watching the show, I kept one eye peeled on twitter. I was not disappointed.

“The amount of Americans watching the Super Bowl and mistaking the Puerto Rican flag for a Cuban flag and claiming that speaking/singing in Spanish (especially in Miami!) is somehow political is hilarious. So many dumbass, racist Americans.”


I’m seeing a lot of angry whites confusing the Puerto Rican flag for the Cuban Flag. Y’all sound dumb as hell. Not only is Puerto Rico part of America, America has no official language so who cares what language that shit was sung in.

Rocking the Puerto Rican flag while singing “Born in the USA.” A good reminder for those who sometimes need it, that Puerto Rico is part of the United States.



Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL …. “🎸 Big Game Commercial 🎸 …. “!!

~~February 3, 2020~~


This was so much fun to watch. I imagine as much fun to film.

It’s a chase, as in a movie. It’s a short clip that will surely make you smile.

Starring JLo, A-Rod, DJ Khaled, Pitbull and Steven Van Zandt



The Hard Rock group has built the world’s first guitar-shaped hotel in South Florida.

The 400-foot-tall guitar-shaped building is part of an impressive hotel complex that will be open to the public on October 24 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The guitar-shaped tower was the most challenging part during construction.

“Who builds something like that? All this is big and that’s what we wanted,” Vice president of operations at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Drew Schlesinger, told Efe.

The hotel offers 638 rooms distributed over 35 floors and the prices for one-night stay go from $250 up to $500, depending on the season.

~~Published February 2, 2020~~

When a mysterious window washer takes J-Lo’s Bling Cup moments before her big game performance, the chase is on! Award-winning director, Michael Bay, captures all the star-studded action at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL.

For a chance to Live Like J. Lo visit


SuperBowl LIV Halftime Show …. “💫 Starring Shakira and Jennifer López …. Latin ‘Cavalcade of Talent’ Gallery 💫 …. “!!

~~February 3, 2020~~


Seems it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but for the Latinos who know each and every one of those performers and their status in the music scene, it was heaven.

Jennifer López and Shakira are well known in the American music scene. Bad Bunny and J Balvin are coming into their own.

JLo and Shakira have had amazing crossover into the English market. The others are well on their way. All of them are stars on their own right in the Latino market and that matters a lot!

It was emotional fun for me!!

( … and the display of the Puerto Rican flag?)


The 2020 Super Bowl halftime show performers are Shakira and Jennifer López. The selection of the two Hispanic pop icons were deemed a perfect fit for Miami, the location of Super Bowl 54.

It’s the first Super Bowl halftime show since the NFL partnered with Jay-Z and Roc Nation to lead “the league’s endeavors in music and entertainment.”

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, businesswoman, and philanthropist.

Born and raised in Barranquilla, she made her recording debut under Sony Music Colombia at the age of 13. 


José Álvaro Osorio Balvín is a Colombian reggaeton singer. Balvin was born in Medellín, Colombia. At age 17, he moved to the United States. He moved to Oklahoma and New York to learn English and was influenced by the music he heard there. 


Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, known by his stage name Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton singer.

He is considered one of the pioneers of Latin trap music. 


Jennifer Lynn López, also known by her nickname J.Lo, is an American actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer and businesswoman. In 1991, López began appearing as a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color, where she remained a regular until she decided to pursue an acting career in 1993. 



The 2020 Super Bowl halftime show was all about Emme Maribel Muñiz, Jennifer Lopez’s 11-year-old daughter, who stole the show with her definitely-not-lip-synced rendition of “Let’s Get Loud,” backed by fellow star Shakira on drums.

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IOTD …. “🇵🇷 Images of the Day, Very Special Edition: Diva and Diva in the Making 🇵🇷 …. “!!

~~February 3, 2020~~


💞🇵🇷 … nuestra Diva se botó!! And Emme, her daughter! See the future … Puerto Rico needed that!

TY, JLo … so very proud! … 🇵🇷💞

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Begin

Another new day, another Monday, another week … ‘Don’t try, begin … Jim Culleny, “Begin” in 3 Quarks Daily!

Live & Learn

flames are the feathers of this bird
but I’m not calling the fire brigade
—life burns life

this is a particular bird
whose flame is multitudinous red
with flamboyant nuance:
high-frequency colorwheels thrown in
and well-played purple notes of a bass line
in its wings

—but “multitudinous” fails to tell the tale
of this bonfire bird,
a bird blown by algorithmic winds
at the keystrokes of a friend
lands blazing on my screen and sits
—this birdblaze with redgold beak
sharper than human wit

what do you say when a thing like this comes to light
which exceeds sunshine acid visions?
makes them lame

how to state the spectral luxury of this bird,
to see it, out on a limb, its satiating color
which some pure mind has wrought?

I could say, “Rufous-Backed Kingfisher”
or “Ceyx rufidorsa”

but how to really say it?
how to paint it?

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Motivational Monday …. “🙏🏽 Be the Change …. So Very Special Graphic 🙏🏽 …. “!!

~~February 3, 2020~~


The quote is very well known and universal.

Mohandas Ghandi needs no introduction.

This graphic has a very special meaning for me … the eyes. The area around the eyes, the look … so much like my Father!


#MotivationalMonday #YouMustBe #TheChange #YouWantToSee #InTheWorld #Quote #MohandasGhandi #AwesomeGraphic #SpecialEyes #SpecialMeaningForMe #MyFathersEyes

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