Baby Yoda …. “💫 Mando Being a Father to the Baby 💫 …. “!!

~~February 14, 2020~~


Can’t have Valentine’s day without a bit of love from Baby Yoda and Mando.

Here’s some!

Enjoy the day … and many more!!


Here is a new video!

Enjoy Mando being father to Baby Yoda for 2 minutes #4! Making father Mando videos has to be one of my fav things to post!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’d Day


~~Published February 14, 2020~~

Mando being a father to Baby Yoda for 2 minutes #4

A-Rod: ‘My Birthday Surprise for Jennifer’ …. “💫 It’s her BIG ONE …. 50th! 💫 …. “!!

~~February 14, 2020~~


A trip back in time to July 2019.

Our Jennifer … because she belongs to all of us!


Jennifer Lynn López, also known by her nickname J.Lo, is an American actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer, and businesswoman. In 1991, López began appearing as a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color, where she remained a regular until she decided to pursue an acting career in 1993. 


López turned 50, and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, 44, got her a $146k 2019 red 911 Carrera GTS Porsche. And while it’s definitely extravagant, it’s also a pretty standard celebrity gift. What makes it a little ridiculous in this case is the fact that López doesn’t drive. So, Rodríguez spent all that money on a gift he wasn’t even certain she could use.

That seems a bit wasteful, IOHO.

Even we know she’s always been more of a 6 train kind of girl. But then we watched the video of him giving it to her and realized he knows her better than we do.

The girls point out that she does love cars and she has a valid driver’s license. Apparently that was enough to convince him this was a good idea because the next thing you know, a bright red convertible is in their driveway.

~~Published July 29, 2019~~


As they drive, López says what convinces us this was the right gift for her. “I haven’t driven in so long baby. You’re giving me my independence back.”

OK, A-Rod, you did good.

López later admits that the party was enough, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like her car. “That’s a little car I can manage,” she reasons. “I love it, papi,” she says crying.

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Cynthia Erivo …. “💕 ‘Stand Up’ …. Oscars 2020 Performance 💕 …. “!!

~~February 14, 2020~~


Amazing performance!! One movie that I still have in my ‘watch list’.

Definitely one to watch soon!



Cynthia Erivo delivers superb performance of ‘Stand Up’

Harriet is a 2019 American biographical film about abolitionist Harriet Tubman. Directed by Kasi Lemmons, who wrote the screenplay with Gregory Allen Howard, it stars Cynthia Erivo as Tubman, with Leslie Odom Jr.Joe Alwyn, and Janelle Monáe in supporting roles.

Stand Up“, officially titled “Stand Up (from Harriet)“, is a song sung by English singer Cynthia Erivo and co-written by Erivo with Joshuah Brian Campbell. It was released on 25 October 2019, as the lead single from the soundtrack to the biographical film Harriet, which also stars Erivo.


British actress Cynthia Erivo astonished audiences with her star turn in Broadway’s The Color Purple in 2015. She went on to win a Tony for her portrayal of Celie in 2016, and that same year she took home a Grammy (for the cast album) and later a daytime Emmy for performing on NBC.

But her inimitable voice aside, it’s her titular role in the Harriet Tubman biopic, aptly named Harrietthat currently has our attention. The 33-year-old was nominated for a Best Lead Actress Oscar for her portrayal of the history-making abolitionist. 

~~Published February 9, 2020~~

Based on the thrilling and inspirational life of an iconic American freedom fighter, HARRIET tells the extraordinary tale of Harriet Tubman‘s escape from slavery and transformation into one of America’s greatest heroes. Her courage, ingenuity, and tenacity freed hundreds of slaves and changed the course of history.

Harriet Tubman was an American abolitionist and political activist. Born into slavery, Tubman escaped and subsequently made some 13 missions to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people, including family and friends, using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad. 


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Happy Valentine’s Day …. “💕 Love is in the Air 💕…. “!!

~~February 14, 2020~~


A special day, for special people … for family, friends and for my better half!

“There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.”

~George Sand, Author~

~~Published February 13, 2020~~

Happy Valentine’s Day 💕 Love is in the air 💕 Cute animation