Cashing Thank-Yous

Excerpt … “Trump craves adoration and recognition to the point that a psychiatrist would leap out a window. It’s why he hates The New York Times so much. He wants to be recognized by elites and sophisticated people as one of them, but he’s stupid as fuck all.”



It’s important that we thank people but it’s not important that you get thanked. Do you understand this? It’s like this: It’s more important to give than it is to receive. Got it? Even my Republican readers? Probably not, but here we go.

Being thanked and appreciated is important to all of us, but it’s really important to Donald Trump. He’s like the six-year-old that only invites people to his birthday so he can rub it in their faces, forgetting that everybody has birthdays. At his party, he has to be the one to pop the pinata (metaphorically here as he wouldn’t have anything Mexican at a party). He has to have the most cake (not metaphorical).  Donald Trump craves adoration and recognition to the point that a psychiatrist would leap out a window. It’s why he hates The New York Times so much. He wants to be recognized by…

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FL Will Be A Coronavirus COV-19 Pandemic’s US Hot Spot/ Some Positive News

Meanwhile, in Floriduh … “The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Florida is doubling every three days, putting the state on a trajectory to see tens of thousands of infections in the coming weeks, a Tampa Bay Times analysis shows. But at this point, experts say the math is simple. The number of cases is already past the point of easy containment and infections are growing faster and faster, at what statisticians call an exponential rate.” … read full post!!

Gronda Morin

The numbers of coronavirus COV-19 infections are quickly rising in the State of Florida. The GOP Governor Ron DeSantis will rue the day that his public demeanor for months has been one of a “doubting Thomas” regarding the seriousness of this viral pandemic spreading throughout the USA. His state of denial extended to the point of his allowing spring breakers to crowd the Florida beaches during the month of March 2020, when epidemiologists had been pushing for peoples to implement wide-spread physical distancing in order to mitigate against the inevitable negative consequences of this pandemic.

The one piece of good news for the State of Florida has to do with its brutal summer months of high temperatures and high levels of humidity. Starting around June is when the Florida locals live in a world of air-conditioning enclosures. In the year of 2020, this weather portends for a period of slowing…

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Mandi Castillo: ‘Así Fue’ …. “🎼 Four Chair Turn …. The Voice 🎼 …. “!!

~~March 31, 2020~~


Mandi Castillo, from San Antonio, Texas, performed a well-known Spanish song on The Voice blinds.

I’m catching up with the recorded shows.

I know the song very well. She did a great job in her performance.

There’s more that I’d like to see from her!


The Voice got a much-needed Latin twist on Monday night (March 16), when Mandi Castillo took the stage to perform Juan Gabriel‘s “Así Fue” for her blind audition.

Nick Jonas got misty-eyed when explaining to the Texas native what her performance meant to him.

“Not trying to get emotional here, but I started thinking about how important it is to represent,” he explained, and his statement was met by erupting cheers from the audience. “Some of my favorite music in the world is sung in different languages. You are in a lane all on your own.”


~~Published March 16, 2020~~

Mandi Castillo sings Juan Gabriel’s “Así Fue” during The Voice Blind Auditions.

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IOTD …. “🏡 Image of the Day, Special Edition: ‘McRex Resort’ is Temporarily Closed 🏡 …. “!!

~~March 31, 2020~~


At this time, our house is closed.

Until further notice, no visitors allowed. It’s for your security and our security!


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Sebastián Yatra and Ricky Martin …. “🎼 ‘Falta Amor’ – Official Video 🎼 …. “!!

~~March 31, 2020~~


I follow Ricky like a mindless groupie. He’s Puerto Rican, first and then the amazing talent we all know about.

Here’s his most recent collaboration.

Check it out with me!


Sebastián Yatra has joined forces with many a pop icon in his career, including the Jonas Brothers, Halsey and Juanes. On Thursday, March 26, the Colombian singer-songwriter made an unparalleled alliance with the original Latin crossover king: Ricky Martin. Together they draw an evocative duet from Yatra’s 2019 rock-pop tearjerker, “Falta Amor,” which translates to “There’s No Love”.

First featured on Yatra’s Latin Grammy-nominated album, Fantasía,Falta Amor” was initially written as a solo ballad. In the revamped “Falta Amor,” Yatra finds a confidante in Martin, who tempers Yatra’s heartache with his croon. In the Carlos Perez-directed video, the two front a rock band inside a bombed-out factory, and gently lament a love gone unreciprocated. Masked dancers writhe across the wreckage to emphasize the emotional toil.

“Singing with Ricky Martin is just insane,” Yatra said of their collaboration in a statement. “I would have never thought it possible in this lifetime. It’s huge not only as a Latino, but for any person that loves music.”

~~Published March 26, 2020~

Sebastián Yatra, Ricky Martin – Falta Amor (Official Video)

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Tuesday Thoughts …. “🤔 This Ride Called Life 🤔 …. “!!

~~March 31, 2020~~


There’s only on tiny statement that I personally have an issue with.

(and I know it’s a personal flaw).

It’s the part about ‘forgiving‘. For me it depends … and that may make be infantile, small and petty. Yet, it depends on who it was and what was done for me to forgive.

My truth!



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