Giddy Up Socialism

Hey … couldn’t have said it any better!! … “Trump has said more than once that “America will never be a socialist country.” MAGAts love to compare Bernie’s socialism to Venezuela. Now, they’re watching Donald Trump nationalize an American corporation. Now, they’re all going to be cashing checks. from the government for work they didn’t do. America has always been a socialist country. They always argue against “free stuff,” but they’re the same fuckers who voted for a guy who promised a free wall.”



When I did a cartoon last week on Republicans and MAGAts now loving socialism, I asked the question, “How will they defend it?”

There are a lot of Republicans, libertarians, and Trump supporters who are mouthing that they’re not happy with the $2 trillion stimulus to float the economy through the coronavirus pandemic. I’m sure there are others who are unhappy with Donald Trump, after great pressure from the nation’s governors, activating the Defense Production Act and forcing General Motors to make ventilators, which I’m sure will be arriving in hospitals by December (Right now, GM is asking: How do we make ventilators? Also, What’s a ventilator?)

I commend those conservatives for at least sounding consistent because when I say they’re “mouthing” their disapproval with the stimulus, I mean that’s all they’re going to do. Because guess what they’re going to do when they get those checks?

If the checks…

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Education advocates block distance learning privatization in Puerto Rico

FEDAP is urging the Department of Education and the Trump administration to keep their word and provide each student, teacher, and staff member in the public education system with a laptop computer.

Repeating Islands


A report from People’s World.

The Broad Front in Defense of Public Education (FEDAP in Spanish) triumphed this week in its petition to the House and Senate of Puerto Rico on Bill 2448 that tried to privatize distance learning. The bill’s sponsor, Rafael “June” Rivera, issued a public statement withdrawing the proposed bill.

The Broad Front in Defense of Public Education organized a campaign against this attack on public education. More than 300 emails were sent to senators by educators, and an online petition was also drawn up and directed to the Senate and the governor on March 22 with more than 2,800 signatures.

With a sense of commitment, the teachers’ union in Puerto Rico managed to make lemonade from limes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using home technology, they are offering distance education that is pertinent, appropriate, individualized, and differentiated. Nothing substitutes or replaces a regular in-person class, but…

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A Caribbean-Born Principal Is Among The Victims Of Coronavirus In NYC

A name with a face … “Dez-Ann Romain, 36, was a principal at Brooklyn Democracy Academy, a transfer school in Brownsville for students over 16 or without sufficient credits who are working toward a high school diploma. She was born in Trinidad and her death has been reported as complications caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus.”

Repeating Islands


A report from News Americas Now.

A Caribbean born immigrant and New York school’s principal is among the 385 dead who have now died from COVID-19 in New York state.

Dez-Ann Romain, 36, was a principal at Brooklyn Democracy Academy, a transfer school in Brownsville for students over 16 or without sufficient credits who are working toward a high school diploma. She was born in Trinidad and her death has been reported as complications caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Romain is the first known New York City public school staff member to die from the virus, reports CBS2’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas.

Romain came to the United States at a young age. Her passion for transfer students stemmed in part from her own experience growing up poor and finding her own path through education. Mohamed Q. Amin, a friend and classmate of hers at Far Rockaway High School, who now heads…

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‘THE RECOUNT’ …. “🇺🇸 Drumpf’s CoronaVirus Calendar of Shame 🇺🇸 …. “!!

~~March 28, 2020~~


Here’s the CoronaVirus and Drumpf’s ‘timeline’.

Is is a calendar of shame?

For him? Naw … “who cares? What me, worry?

For the majority of us, it is.



While the U.S. and South Korea each reported their first case on the same day in mid-January, South Korean officials went to work immediately developing a coronavirus test and then rolling out mass testing nationwide, testing an average of 10,000 citizens per day.

Meanwhile in the U.S., patients in hot zones like Seattle are still waiting for tests.

The mismanagement by the Trump administration has been devastating as the virus continues to spread. As tests are finally making their way into the hands of healthcare providers in the U.S., the number of confirmed cases are sharply spiking. South Korea, on the other hand, is beginning to see a decrease in cases, in large part because of their widespread testing.

~~Published March 17, 2020~~

Instead of being prepared and unveiling a massive, nationwide plan to combat this pandemic, Trump used another method: he tried to wish it all away.

Out of sight, out of mind. Promising time and again it was “contained.” 

The Recount put together a video of Trump’s comments over the last several weeks, clearly downplaying one of the greatest crises to ever hit this country. Folks, this is by far the best video compilation to date, overlaid on a calendar it makes the dereliction even more startling.

This is a video that you’ll no doubt be seeing some version of from now until November. Devastating.

It should be shared far and wide. 


The Recount is a video-first political media brand informed by the highest qualities of journalism.It’s the place people go to see and understand what’s happening right now without wasting their time, insulting their intelligence, exploiting their information, or burying them in bullshit.

~The Recount Facebook Page~

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Short and ‘Sweet’ Saturday …. ‘🇺🇸 ‘Fast Forward’ 🇺🇸 …. Really?

~~March 28, 2020~~


Short and sweet‘, I say? Meaning ‘straight to the point‘.

No words, images or thoughts minced.

Need more? … I don’t!


Eyeing 2020, Priorities USA blows up ‘television-first strategy’

Priorities USA Action, the top Democratic super PAC targeting President Donald Trump in 2020, is promoting its head of digital operations to a new role overseeing all paid media – something akin to a watershed moment in presidential politics.

~~March 27, 2020~~

Priorities USA Action was founded in 2011 to educate and engage Americans to speak out and stand strong against the outdated views of the far right that threaten our democracy and undermine the middle class.

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Pandemics In History

Very useful and precise info!! … Please, take aa look!!
“These things seem to have been with us for a very long time … if so then maybe we cannot blame some conspiracy with the reason.’

In Saner Thought

It is the weekend and I thought that a short history of the pandemic through the ages might give some small perspective to my readers that are at home and protecting themselves.

These things seem to have been with us for a very long time….if so then maybe we cannot blame some conspiracy with the reason.

The History of Pandemics by Death Toll

The Plague….but today we call it a pandemic……who started this “reporting” on the results of these pandemics….

The word ‘plague’, in defining a lethal epidemic, was coined by the physician Galen (l. 130-210 CE) who lived through the Antonine Plague (165 – c. 180/190 CE) but the disease was recorded long before in relating the affliction of the Plague of Athens (429-426 BCE) which killed many of the city’s inhabitants, including the statesman Pericles (l. 495-429 BCE). Plagues certainly may have existed prior to the Athenian outbreak – and almost certainly did –…

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