Billy Porter …. “🎼 ‘For What It’s Worth’ 🎼 …. “!!

~~May 1, 2020~~


I became aware of Billy Porter during a red carpet event for a recent award ceremony. There was this guy, wearing a tux where the bottom half was a full, billowing skirt.

Since then I’ve been keep an eye on him and managed to watch the first season of “Pose” … I loved it!

Today I was watching ‘The View’ and heard him speak about being quarantined with his husband. He spoke of the many projects he’s worked on and what he had already posted related to a new video/remake/cover of ‘What It’s Worth‘.

He impressed me. I need to look up more information about this creative, passionate man with a significant talent and quite the human heart.



Billy Porter’s New Song ‘Call To Arms’ Will Make You Vote: The multi-talented star dropped a cover of Buffalo Springfield’s iconic 1966 track ‘For What It’s Worth.

GRAMMY®/EMMY®/TONY®-winner Billy Porter has released a soul-stirring cover of Stephen Stills’ “For What It’s Worth,” as performed by Buffalo Springfield, continuing the legacy of using his art as a means to raise consciousness.

In a major ICYMI moment, Billy Porter premiered the lyric video for “For What It’s Worth” on Saturday (4/25) at Joe Biden’s “Soul of a Nation” virtual event.  Mr. Biden, former Vice President and the presumptive Democratic nominee, held the virtual event to mark the one-year anniversary of his entrance into the 2020 race.

#SOULSaturday encourages supporters to take action to help support their local communities. In 2020, that includes a special emphasis on thanking front line essential workers and first responders.

“I decided to record ‘For What It’s Worth’ because I wanted to have my art and my music matter, make a difference,” Porter said. “I’ve always been a political person. I come from the generation where the music reflected what was going on in the world, in the day.

The song was written and performed sort of during the Civil Rights Era, the Vietnam War, it was protest music and I wanted to have a hand in bringing that back and speaking truth directly to power.”


~~Published April 25, 2020~~

Billy Porter – “For What It’s Worth” Official Lyric Video

Written by Stephen Stills Produced by Zack Arnett for Arnett Music Executive Producers: Bill Butler and Carmen Cacciatore for The Butler Music Company Inc

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The Lincoln Project …. “🇺🇸 Joe Biden – READY! 🇺🇸 …. “!!

~~May 1, 2020~~


I gotta say, I’m not a Biden fan. Nothing personal. I wasn’t really paying that much attention during the Obama/Biden presidency (there wasn’t a reason to).

During the debates, with that plethora of diversity – men, women, gay, straight, black, white – never thought Biden would be “IT”!

However, at the end of the day …



The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump group led by George Conway, a Washington, D.C. lawyer who is married  to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, released a video targeting four Republican senators over their “spineless servility” to the president.

The group criticizes the Republicans for their “allegiance to Trump over the voters who elected them in their states.” 

“This fall, the Lincoln Project will help several Republican senators on their way to forced retirement,” the narrator of the ad states.

~~Published April 21, 2020~~

Donald Trump has left America in a state of danger, despair, and economic depression. We cannot allow him another term.

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Food Crisis Deepens as Puerto Rico School Cafeterias Shutter

M’gawd!! SMGH … “Puerto Rico’s government is refusing to open school cafeterias amid coronavirus health concerns and has not tapped into millions of federal dollars set aside for the island even as a growing number of unemployed parents struggle to feed their children in a U.S. territory where nearly 70% of public school students are poor.”

Repeating Islands


A report from the Associated Press.

Puerto Rico’s government is refusing to open school cafeterias amid coronavirus health concerns and has not tapped into millions of federal dollars set aside for the island even as a growing number of unemployed parents struggle to feed their children in a U.S. territory where nearly 70% of public school students are poor.

The local Department of Education has offloaded food to nonprofit organizations and a food bank to distribute to children, but activists, teachers and a federally appointed control board say it’s not enough and it’s not reaching those most in need.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government has some $290 million available to feed school children in Puerto Rico, but the money remains untouched after more than a month because Puerto Rican officials have not submitted a plan detailing how they intend to use it.

“It makes you say, ‘Damn it, where is…

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United States Of Tara

#MeToo … in total agreement!! … “Sure, let’s hear Tara Reade out. You have my ear. And even if I believe you entirely, I’m still voting for Biden over Donald Trump. I won’t be in Biden’s camp but I will vote for the lesser of two evils. I will not vote third party or refrain from voting because both acts are votes for Trump. My friend, a very strong, independent, and liberal woman is voting for Biden over Trump.



The right-wing media keeps saying Joe Biden said he “believes all women.” This morning on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough repeated and attributed the quote to Biden. I’m not sure he actually ever said that because I can’t find it.

They are taking “he believes all women” from a comment he made during the Kavanaugh hearings.” What Joe Biden said was, “For a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real.” Let’s emphasize “you’ve got to START OFF.”

And we should start off that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real, so you open your mind and listen to her. After that, you may not want to believe her anymore. And if you believe her, you should base that belief on the information available…

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To Start the Day …. “💐 ‘Beautiful Day, Beautiful You’ 💐 …. “!!

~~May 1, 2020~~


New month, new day, new you.

A chance to start again.

Awesome opportunity to make it great!

Pace and love!


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Should We Stay Home Or Not?

I definitely know what I am doing … Staying home until hospitals allow visiting hours!! The morons with guns and without a spine, be dammed!!

In Saner Thought

Just yesterday there were 30,000+ new cases and 2,000+ deaths…..that is the 4th day of increases…..and yet there are morons that want all the precautions to end…..and some of them carry guns….MORONS!

That is the raging debate these days….should we listen to Donald the Orange and his confidence that this is just about over or the medical experts that tell us to use caution before venturing out and about.

So to begin with do Repubs believe in the lockdown?

Rank-and-file Republican voters are still generally supportive of social distancing and other measures to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, even after conservative protesters in several states, some conservatives elites and President Trump have denounced virus-related restrictions.

Polls over the past month found that Republicans were less supportive of such measures than Democrats, but they were still in favor overall. For most of that period, though, there wasn’t really…

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T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week

EXACTLY … ‘And though I shouldn’t need to ask,
When you go out, please wear a mask.’ … and I surely will!!

Live & Learn

In your house for days on end,
Hours, minutes, weeks all blend.
Boredom, hunger, Tiger King.
Food depleted, you need some things.
And though I shouldn’t need to ask,
When you go out, please wear a mask.

Source: covidbookcovers

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Will Justin Amash Spoil the 2020 Presidential Race?

My sentiments exactly when I fist noticed his ‘musings’ … I believe he went ahead and announced? … ‘When I read that Justin Amash is contemplating a third-party run for president in November, my heart dropped, for it is my belief that if he does so, Trump will be re-elected.’


amash Rep. Justin Amash (MI-03)

Once again, we have someone who is angling to be the 3rd party spoiler for this presidential election. Enter Justin Amash.

Amash is a 5-term Tea Party Republican who became well known last year when he changed his party affiliation to become an Independent and then voted to impeach Trump. He announced that he was exploring a run for the Libertarian nomination earlier this week. 

That said, in a year when getting rid of Trump is of primary importance, any 3rd party candidate can cause problems. The last 3 elections with a 3rd party spoiler pulled away enough votes from the parties to make a significant difference. My biggest concern is that the right-leaning voters who aren’t willing to vote for Trump but were begrudgingly thinking about voting for Biden, might now vote for Amash. Especially in Michigan, a critical swing state. In 2020, we need every…

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