Meidas Touch Presents …. “🇺🇸 ‘Patriotism is Bipartisan’ 🇺🇸 …. “!!

~~May 8, 2020~~


Please, keep putting these out there. Sane people need to see.

Someone’s got to grab the steering wheel!

Biden wasn’t my first choice. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t made up my mind yet.

It’s always been a matter of ‘vote blue, no matter who’!




~~Published May 6, 2020~~

Even Republicans recognize that Trump is not fit to lead and that Biden has the temperament, competence, and decency to be President.

~~Published May 3, 2020~~

Lindsey Graham on Donald Trump 

In the past, Senator Lindsey Graham was not afraid to speak the truth about Trump. Whether it was about upholding the prestige of the Office of the President or defending our men and women in uniform, Senator Graham used to put country over party. Now more than ever, we need to restore this mindset to our politics, which has been corrupted by the actions of the Trump administration. Patriotism is bipartisan.

A vote for Joe Biden this November is a vote to restore America’s values.

~~Published April 30, 2020~~

Donald Trump is a liar. And his lies have consequences. Don’t take our word for it, listen to Ted Cruz.

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Meidas Touch Presents …. “🐍 ‘The Snake’ …. The Perfect Poem 🐍 …. “!!

~~May 8, 2020~~


I remember a time when he read this poem at one of his vicious, bombastic rallies. The tone, the body language, the ‘acid’ pouring from his pouty lips. Like a slippery, slimy snake … he has, unimpeded, taken over all that is valued.

It’s a perfect fit!

Just published today.




In a few short weeks since its founding in April 2020, MeidasTouch has established itself as the preeminent progressive digital company, delivering some of the most memorable videos of this election cycle.

In fact, to call these MeidasTouch-produced masterpieces “videos,” is the ultimate understatement, as these 30 second to 2:00 minute clips are more akin to heat seeking missiles trained on exposing the crookedness, corruption, and incompetence of Trump and his cronies.

~~Twitter Feed~

~~Published May 2020~~

During his campaign rallies, Trump from time-to-time would read to his red caps a xenophobic poem called “The Snake,” about an injured snake who was brought in by a woman at a nearby home to heal and get better. When the snake fully healed, the snake bit and killed the woman with his venom and mocked her, as she died, for letting such a dangerous snake into her home in the first place.

During his reading, Trump not so subtly analogized the snake to immigrants, and particularly to Mexican immigrants, to tell his audience that by allowing immigrants into the United States, like the snake, they would kill Americans.

The thesis for our video “The Snake” is that no one more epitomizes the anthropomorphic incarnation of a snake (or perhaps a snake oil salesman) than Donald Trump. Trump and his family and inner circle of grift spew a combination of hate, lies, white supremacy, blame and shame to defraud and defile our nation.

Donald Trump and his slithering, rattling, and venomous form of politics is antithetical to what it means to be American. By exposing it in this video, and sharing it with millions of Americans, let’s cut off the head of corruption and incompetence once and for all.

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IOTD …. “🇺🇸 Images of the Day, Special Edition …. ‘Why Not Wear a Mask’ 🇺🇸 …. “!!

~~May 8, 2020~~


I’ll leave this here!



The real reason why Trump won’t wear a mask. It’s a makeup remover.

Image provided by Trumpiness

Trump, who is known to be especially cognizant of his appearance on television, has also told confidants that he fears he would look ridiculous in a mask and the image would appear in negative ads, according to one of the officials.

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Family Fridays #7

Family Fridays … trying to keep it light!! Yet … so many things/happenings bring us down!!

By Hook Or By Book


Wow! The seventh Family Friday! How time flies when you’re having…Well, never mind. I hope you and yours are all well. Here’s how things are in Alabama. As of last night there have been 9,046 confirmed cases of Covid-19, with 369 deaths. That’s an increase of 1,978 positives and 97 deaths. My husband and I finally got the face masks we ordered so we can stop wrapping t-shirts around our faces. They’re cotton and much more comfortable. I walked down the street to our local Dollar General a couple of days ago to get some laundry detergent and I was surprised that one of the employees thanked me for wearing a mask. I don’t think I deserve thanks for something we all should be doing to protect each other. Which leads me to…

I’ve been trying to keep things as upbeat as possible, especially with these Family Friday posts…

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In Like Flynn

This is all happening soooo fast!! … yesterday’s news!!



The Trump administration is all about bad examples, corruption, and hypocrisy (we’ll ignore the racism and stupidity for now).

According to inside sources, Donald Trump got “lava level mad” over his exposure to the coronavirus as one of his Naval valets has tested positive for the coronavirus.

The valet performs chores that bring him close to the president (sic), such as shining his shoes, laying out his clothes, and bringing him diet Cokes and hamberders. Donald Trump said he had not been around this particular individual a lot but that doesn’t matter if he’s handling and eating what the valet has touched and breathed on. That’s kinda like thinking you can’t catch it from someone if you don’t know them that well, which was Trump’s argument after a person in a photo with him tested positive shortly after the photo was taken.

Someone is not paying a lot of attention…

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Friday Fun Fact, #1 …. “🤣 Coloring My Hair: Home Version 🤣 …. “!!

~~May 7, 2020~~


Be honest … how many of you?



Necessity is the mother of invention.

La necesidad es la madre de la invención ” es un idioma Inglés proverbio . Significa, más o menos, que la principal fuerza motriz para la mayoría de las nuevas invenciones es una necesidad.

“It is said that necessity is the mother of invention.”

T.G.I.F.: Running. With Mother Goose (3).

Simply awesome … “The male, her mate, is standing on the break wall. And then … There she is. There they are. Miracle, all of it.”

Live & Learn

4:48 a.m. 8 hours of sleep. Rested.

I jump out of bed.  Dress. Gear up.

It’s 5:04 a.m., and I’m out the door. Running. With Mother Goose. (Again.) 9th consecutive day pulled outside by The Call of the Wild.

44° F, feels like 42° F.  No wind. No traffic. Dark. Full moon beams from up above.  Jenny Offill: “The moonlight through the windshield. No one talks.

Same route.  Down the hill. Around the corner. Down the street to U.S. 1.

There, up ahead, silhouetted under the street lamp, is the Masked Woman. 5:09 a.m. Can’t be her. No chance. She hustles across the street. I glare at her.  You better make way for me Lady.  She says nothing, but sweeps both hands up to cover her face. It’s going to be a good day.

I run.

Down U.S. 1. I work my way around the…

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To Start the Day …. “💐 ‘Good Morning Friday’ 💐 …. “!!

~~May 8, 2020~~


It’s a new day, a new morning and the start of the weekend for some.

Wishing all of you a wonderful day!



~Hope Faith & Kindness Facebook Page~

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