Puerto Rico braces for political upheaval involving governor

Another political scandal brewing in Puerto Rico!! … “Puerto Rico on Tuesday braced for potential political upheaval after the U.S. territory’s governor denied allegations of obstruction of justice while the main opposition party demanded she be investigated and hinted at a possible impeachment process.”

Repeating Islands

puerto-rico-political-upheaval-2020-07-17-ap-cl01-2048x1366Danica Coto (Caribbean Life) writes that Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vázquez is under investigation by the island’s Department of Justice.

Puerto Rico on Tuesday braced for potential political upheaval after the U.S. territory’s governor denied allegations of obstruction of justice while the main opposition party demanded she be investigated and hinted at a possible impeachment process.

In a brief statement issued late Monday, Gov. Wanda Vazquez for the first time acknowledged an alleged investigation that the island’s Department of Justice is supposedly conducting against her, saying she was never told about any investigation. She also denied recently firing the former justice secretary in alleged retribution. The details of the alleged investigation were not immediately known.

Vazquez promised to speak further on the issue on Tuesday. “I will share all details up front as I’ve done my whole career. With the truth,” she said.

Vazquez’s statement comes after she…

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Absolut Launches Bottle in Honor of Puerto Rico

I Absolut-ely have to get one of these bottles!! … “Absolut Vodka recently launched the “Absolut por Puerto Rico” campaign with a limited-edition bottle, showing some of the islands’s cultural symbols, such as the Puerto Rican parrot, El Yunque tropical forest, the maga flower, and the flag.”

Repeating Islands

prAbsolut Vodka recently launched the “Absolut por Puerto Rico” campaign with a limited-edition bottle, showing some of the islands’s cultural symbols, such as the Puerto Rican parrot, El Yunque tropical forest, the maga flower, and the flag.

As a token of appreciation and support for the difficult times Puerto Rico has gone through, Absolut Vodka launches the “Absolut por Puerto Rico” campaign along with a limited edition bottle alluding to the country, this being the first bottle dedicated to a Caribbean Island.

This collector’s item, which is already on sale, pays tribute to the culture of the Caribbean country through indigenous symbols embodied as the maga flower, the greenery of nature evoking El Yunque, the parrot, and the flag, in a bottle in the distinctive deep blue color of the brand produced in Sweden. “This bottle is born out of the sustainability that has been part of the Absolut mission…

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Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and Zac Efron travel through San Juan in “Down to Earth”

Have to look for this … “The new Netflix documentary series Down to Earth, starring Zac Efron, includes an episode dedicated to Puerto Rico, focused on the impact of Hurricane Maria in San Juan and projects aimed at rebuilding the capital city. One of the voices that predominates during the episode that premiered yesterday, Friday, July 10, is that of Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto.”

Repeating Islands

downEl Nuevo Díareports on the Netflix documentary series Down to Earth, starring Zac Efron. Episode 6, which was recorded in September 2018, a year after Hurricane Maria, features San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and examines the island’s process of recovery, methods of sustainable energy being developed, farming, and other sustainability projects. Here is a summary of the episode from refinery29.com.

Episode 6 “Puerto Rico”

Location: Old San Juan. Cantera neighborhood in San Juan; Frutos del Guacabo farm; the Caribe Hilton hotel; Casa Sol bed and breakfast; Conservación ConCiencia; and Cocina Abierta restaurant.

What It Teaches Us: How Puerto Rico is healing after Hurricane Maria — Efron meets up with San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz — and the methods of sustainable energy that are being used and developed on the island. Efron and Olien also visit a farm supported by José Andrés’ organization World Central Kitchen

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Sad Saturday Stats …. “🦠 In Florida: Numbers Surging on Way Up 🦠 …. “!!

~~July 11, 2020~~


Here we are. We have been staying at home since early March. There was a time when things seem to be relatively under control, to such a degree that our governor, #RonTheVirus, boasted that Florida would never become a ‘hot-spot’ like New York.

Yet, here we are!

To make things ‘better’, they opened Walt Disney World last Thursday for ‘annual pass’ holders adn to the general public today.

What could go wrong?



Something to Think About …. “🤔 ‘GOYA: Not in My House’ 🤔 …. “!!


~~July 11, 2020~~


A friend of mine posted the graphic above. Aa you can see, it says: “goodbye Goya. If it’s Goya. not in my house!”

What I didn’t know was who created the graphic and why. I’m glad I found this information. The ‘Goya thing‘ didn’t start with the CEO’s visit to the White House and his praise of the squatter in the Oval.

It started in 2017 as related to the Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC.


The Puerto Rican Day Parade takes place annually in the United States along Fifth Avenue in the Manhattan borough of New York City. The parade is held on the second Sunday in June, in honor of the 3.2 million inhabitants of Puerto Rico and all people of Puerto Rican birth or heritage residing on the U.S. mainland. 


In 2017, the parade, which traveled up Fifth Avenue on June 11, and became embroiled in a political controversy that may have cost it one major sponsor, and put some of the city’s top public officials, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, in an awkward position.

At issue is the parade’s decision earlier this month to honor the Puerto Rico nationalist Oscar López Rivera, who was freed on after having served more than 35 years in prison.

On January 17, 2017, U.S. President Barack Obama commuted López Rivera’s sentence. His release was scheduled for May 17.



Oscar López Rivera (born January 6, 1943) is a Puerto Rican activist and militant who was a member and suspected leader of the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña (FALN), a clandestine paramilitary organization devoted to Puerto Rican independence that carried out more than 130 bomb attacks in the United States between 1974 and 1983. 

López Rivera was tried by the United States government for seditious conspiracy, use of force to commit robbery, interstate transportation of firearms, and conspiracy to transport explosives with intent to destroy government property.

López Rivera declared himself a prisoner of war and refused to take part in most of his trial. He maintained that according to international law he was an anti colonial combatant and could not be prosecuted by the United States government. On August 11, 1981, López Rivera was convicted and sentenced to 55 years in federal prison. On February 26, 1988, he was sentenced to an additional 15 years in prison for conspiring to escape from the Leavenworth prison.


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Sewage And Stones

IN MY BOOK, TOTALLY DISGUSTING! Worthy of a erd world Banana Republic … “Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence days before he was to be ass-raped in a federal penitentiary in Georgia. Commuting instead of pardoning is probably Trump’s compromise with everyone in the White House who advised him it was a horrible fucking idea to pardon a corrupt sleazebag with a Nixon tattoo on his back. Especially when that corrupt sleazebag is guilty.”



First off, if commuting the sentence for Trump friend, goon, henchman, pal, buddyboy, creeper, slimeball of the first degree, and all-around wart on the taint of humanity Roger Stone wasn’t corrupt, then it wouldn’t have been done late on a Friday night.

Why do fuckers do dastardly deeds on Fridays after 5:00 PM? Because it’s an attempt to limit the political damage as people aren’t paying as much attention to the news at that point. Even I, a news junkie, was eating a sub while watching “Ralph Breaks the Internet” when it came over my phone. Sons of bitches! I was already overloaded with three other subjects to choose from for my next cartoon.

I mean, I still haven’t done something on the Supreme Court and Trump’s taxes, his cognitive test, Goya, or the TikTok ban. Sheesh! I’m going to have to work throughout the weekend.

Donald Trump commuted Roger…

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Saturday Morning Walk

Walk, walk, walk … “The most obvious and the most obscure thing in the world, this walking that wanders so readily into religion, philosophy, landscape, urban policy, anatomy, allegory, and heartbreak.” – Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking (Penguin Books (June 1, 2001)

Live & Learn

Where does it start? Muscles tense. One leg a pillar, holding the body upright between the earth and sky. The other a pendulum, swinging from behind. Heel touches down. The whole weight of the body rolls forward onto the ball of the foot. The big toe pushes off, and the delicately balanced weight of the body shifts again. The legs reverse position. It starts with a step and then another step and then another that add up like taps on a drum to a rhythm, the rhythm of walking. The most obvious and the most obscure thing in the world, this walking that wanders so readily into religion, philosophy, landscape, urban policy, anatomy, allegory, and heartbreak.

—  Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking (Penguin Books (June 1, 2001)

Photo: Bjorn Breimo, Walking (Norway)

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It’s a Hispanic (Puerto Rican) Thing …. 🤨 #BoycottGoya …. #Goyaway …. #GoodbyeGoya 🤨 …. “!!!

~~July 11, 2020~~


Unless you are Hispanic, I believe there’s no place in this conversation for you. I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t have an opinion. Yet, I won’t tolerate anyone absconding with this narrative because it belongs to the Latin cultures stemming from Spain (from where the company originated) and other countries where the brand took off and became successful.

I grew with these products in my mother’s kitchen … the “habichuelas, gandules, sofrito, adobo, spices“. If you don’t know these words, their meaning or how we use them … that strengthens my point.

The Goya CEO went to the White House, poohoo … big deal!

Yet, he had the gall to say: ‘we are blessed to have a leader like Trump’. He can pray for Trump all he wants. But he won’t be able to erase all the comments, actions, etc., which came from that disgusting Oval office squatter as a show of overt racism and prejudice with Hispanics all over this nation and the world:

1. Mexicans are rapist and murderers.

2. prejudice against Latinos and Puerto Rican (they want everything done for them, after throwing paper towels during the devastation after Hurricane María).

3. separating immigrant families at the border and placing them and their kids in cages … still happening to this day.

4. overt attempt to deports DACA recipients.

5. Draconian immigration policies against peoples trying to escape from danger and oppressive governments.

6. building his wall to keep Mexicans and other immigrants from crossing over to the US … ironic that now, because of COVID, Mexico is keeping Americans out).

…. and so much more.


For me personally, it’s not only Goya. I feel the same way about Chick-fil-A, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, My Pillow … and any other business or company that embraces/supports and contributes to this ‘swamp creature‘.

Hence, I full support the boycott!! No more Goya in my household!

The very same way he has a right to express his feeling and thoughts, so do we, the consumers.

#BoycottGoya … #Goyaway


Goya Foods, Inc. is an American producer of a brand of foods sold in the United States and many Hispanic countries. It has facilities in different parts of the United States, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Spain. It is under third-generation ownership of the Unanue family, and is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.

Goya was founded in 1936, by Prudencio Unanue Ortiz (1886–1976) from Valle de MenaSpain. Unanue immigrated to Puerto Rico, where he met and married Carolina Casal (1890–1984), also a Spanish immigrant; they later moved to New York City

Ortiz purchased the “Goya” name from a Moroccan sardine company because he believed that his last name was too difficult to pronounce for American customers and also liked the association to Spanish artist Francisco Goya.














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10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Never Wears A Mask

Trump and his reasons … all ‘real’ to him!!

List of X

Just one of many photos of mask-free president Donald Trump along with other people who are wearing masks. However, it is entirely possible that these other people are wearing masks mainly because they are embarrassed to be seen next to Donald Trump.

Although scientists and doctors have recommended wearing masks to protect yourself and others from COVID-19, and many politicians in the US have made it a point to wear masks in public, there is one politician who is persistently and conspicuously never wears a mask. Absolutely coincidentally, this politician just happens to be a president of a country that has had more COVID-19 cases than any other country in the world. So here are 10 possible reasons why Donald Trump never wears a mask.

1)  A mask might make Donald Trump look less manly and would probably smear his fake tan and makeup.

2)  He does not…

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